Janasena-TDP-BJP will win 120 assembly, 17 LS seats; Pawan Kalyan will not accept any ministry: Nagababu

Pawan Kalyan’s party will be contesting 21 assembly and 2 parliament seats, Janasena is confident of cashing in on Kapu voters

By Sistla Dakshina Murthy  Published on  19 April 2024 5:11 AM GMT
Janasena-TDP-BJP will win 120 assembly, 17 LS seats; Pawan Kalyan will not accept any ministry: Nagababu

Andhra Pradesh: Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan, whose party is in alliance with the TDP and BJP is giving a tough to ruing YSRCP. He is contesting from Pithapuram apuram, a small assembly constituency. The area is home to 80,000 Kapu community which is relatively higher when compared to other coastal Andhra Pradesh districts. And that seems to be the primary reason for him to choose the assembly segment.

In the Janasena TDP and BJP alliance, Pawan Kalyan’s party will be contesting 21 assembly and 2 parliament seats. Janasena is confident of cashing in on Kapu voters.

The actor-turned-politician is the star campaigner for the party. He is touring different constituencies and his brother Nagababu is campaigning on behalf of Pawan Kalyan.

In conversation with NewsMeter, Nagababu discussed Pawan Kalyan’s way forward in the alliance. Excerpts:

NewsMeter: Why did Pawan Kalyan choose Pithapuram?

Nagababu: Much before the elections, he had a calling from Sripada Sri Vallabha Swamy. Therefore he decided to change his constituency. In 2019, he contested from Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka, but this time he wanted to stick to one. Hence he chose Pithapuram. It is relatively a small constituency. (PK is contesting against a senior YSRCP leader and sitting Kakinada MP Vanga Geetha).

NewsMeter: What role did Pawan Kalyan play in the alliance?

Nagababu: If it was not for him, this alliance (TDP-Janasena-BJP) would have never been stitched. Since the beginning, he has been friends with the BJP. He played a significant role in bringing them together despite the history of TDP and NDA.

NewsMeter: If TDP-Janasena-BJP comes to power in Andhra Pradesh, what will be his role and position in the next govt?

Nagababu: I don’t think PK will take up any post, or ministry. He will be the ‘conscious thinker’ for the government. He won’t ask for a position but he will be one of the decision makers. He will be the Bal Keshav Thackeray in AP. He is of a Chief Minister's stature and cannot settle for a ministry. He has it all in him to be the next CM of AP. Besides asking for prominent posts for Sena MLAs, PK will also hold a power alliance on the ground.

We believe that Pawan Kalyan will be the Chief Minister candidate in 2029. Moreover, after facing a debacle in the forthcoming elections, there will be a question mark on the existence of YSRCP. TDP and the Jana Sena are the only two parties that would be in a poll fray. It seems like the chances are also for the Congress to revive in Andhra Pradesh almost 15 years after the bifurcation.

NewsMeter: Why are there internal conflicts within the Sena?

Nagababu: See, the party has garnered a vote bank and has a good following across AP. But every karyakartha feels he/she directly connects to PK. The hierarchy is something that needs to be well in place. Yes, initially few leaders were in disagreement regarding the seat sharing, but now it has been settled. The coordination has to be more organized.

NewsMeter: What are the numbers you are looking at? And why would people vote for the alliance?

Nagababu: Because of the unmindful thinking of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to have three capitals for the state, Amaravati remained a 'ghost city' during the YSRCP rule. Due to the lack of a capital city, the wealth generation had come to a standstill affecting lakhs of people from the unorganized sector. Even when the NDA comes to power, it may take at least three years to revive the development that was stalled in 2019.

The Janasena-TDP-BJP alliance will bag close to 120 (higher voting from communities like Kapu, Kamma, and OBC) while 16-17 Lok Sabha seats. The middle class (business people), those who were deprived of development, industries, and employment will vote for us.

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