From Rs 2,500 for women to 200 units of free power, Congress vows 6 guarantees to Telangana

Vidya Bharosa Card worth Rs 5 lakh for students and Telangana International Schools in every mandal

By KANIZA GARARI  Published on  17 Sep 2023 3:19 PM GMT
From Rs 2,500 for women to 200 units of free power, Congress vows 6 guarantees to Telangana

Hyderabad: With over one lakh people from different parts of Telangana in attendance, Thukkuguda in Rangareddy became the center for a massive gathering where the Indian National Congress released six guarantees for the people of the state.

While senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi released the guarantees for women, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge and senior leader Rahul Gandhi released the other guarantees.

The six guarantees released by the Congress party are:

1. Mahalakshmi scheme for women

- Women will receive Rs 2,500 every month

- Gas cylinders at Rs 500

- and free travel in RTC buses

2. Rythu Bharosa scheme for farmers

- Rs 15,000 every year for farmers and tenant farmers

- Rs 12,000 for agricultural labour

- Rs 500 bonus for paddy crop

3. Gruha Jyothi scheme for electricity

- 200 units of free electricity for all households

4. Indiramma Indlu scheme for housing

- House site and Rs 5 lakhs for people without own house

- 250 sq yards plot for all Telangana movement fighters

5. Yuva Vikasam for youth

- Vidya Bharosa Card worth Rs 5 lakh for students

- Telangana International Schools in every mandal

6. Cheyutha scheme for health

- Rs 4,000 monthly pension

- Rs 10 lakhs Rajiv Arogyasri insurance

The leaders said that they are committed to fulfilling the promises once they are elected to power in the state.

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi who released the guarantee for women said, “We are committed to fulfilling our promises. My dream is to see a Congress government in Telangana that will work for all sections of the society.” “Are you going to support us?” she asked the gathering

Rahul Gandhi hits out at BJP, BRS and MIM

After releasing the six guarantees to the people of the state, Rahul Gandhi hit out at all three major parties in Telangana: Bharatiya Janata Party, Bharat Rashtra Samithi and All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen.

In a strongly worded speech, Rahul Gandhi said, “In Telangana, Congress party is fighting BRS, BJP and AIMIM. However, in the Lok Sabha, while debating the farmers' bill, the GST and also the election of president and vice-president, BRS has supported the BJP. Whenever there are elections in different states of the country, AIMIM fields candidates. Why? It is Narendra Modi at the centre who is giving them support.”

Gandhi said, “The Opposition parties in the country have income tax, enforcement directorate and all other types of cases against them. Why is there no case against KCR and Owaisi? Why are they not being targeted? This is because Modi does not target his own people.”

Fulfilled the dream of creating Telangana’

Rahul Gandhi reiterated that Sonia Gandhi fulfilled her promise of Telangana and she will also fulfil these six guarantees given to the people. “This is the money of the people which the BRS party has looted. This money has been looted via the Kaleshwaram project, Dharani portal, Rythu Bandu, TSPC paper leak and the empty promise of jobs. We are going to return the money to the people.”

He said those who doubt him and the party should go to Karnataka and listen to the women and the people there who have benefitted from their schemes.

Congress distributes guarantee cards

The crowd came in buses, tempos and vehicles from different parts of Telangana and the guarantee cards were distributed to them. Telangana Congress party is targeting the distribution of 1 crore guarantee cards across the state to ensure that they get the desired votes. Those who have the guarantee cards will be eligible for the six guarantees.

These guarantees were decided after the Congress Working Committee (CWC) two-day meeting in Telangana. The CWC meeting also looked into the internal and external political, economic and security situation of the country. The meeting also deliberated on the elections in the upcoming five states and the steps to be taken by the Congress party in those states.

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