Secunderabad Cant Board ward members term ends on Feb 10, elections next

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 Feb 2021 4:15 AM GMT
Secunderabad Cant Board ward members term ends on Feb 10, elections next

Hyderabad: Term of elected ward members of Secunderabad Cantonment Board will end on February 10.Under rules, the board, consisting of civilian and military representatives will be dissolved, and one member will be appointed by the ministry of Defence.

The expiry of the term also indicated an election round the corner for the Cant area.

"It is informed that the competent authority has approved the proposal to vary the constitution of 56 Cantonment boards for a period of one year with effect from 11-02-201 or till such time the board is constituted, whichever is earlier. Further, it is directed that all efforts may be put in place to ensure that elections to these 56 Cantonment board are held at the earliest," said Deputy Director of (Q & A) Rajesh Kumar Sah in an official communication to the Principal Director, Defence Estate.

Earlier the Ministry of Defence, on two separate occasions, extended the term by 6 months. Secunderabad Cantonment, which has a population of about 2,17,910 people, has eight wards. The SCB consists of 16 members, eight out of whom are elected members.

"As per the rule, one civilian will be nominated by the ministry as a representative for the Cantonment board. The member should be a resident of the Cantonment area. There are possibilities of one among the elected ward members to be nominated. The final announcement will be made by the Ministry of Defence," said Jakkula Maheshwar Reddy, ward member.

The Secunderabad Cantonment Board consists of a total of 16 members, three ex officio, five nominated and eight elected members . The Station Commander is the Ex-officio President of Cantonment Board. The Senior Executive Medical / Health Officer (Officer Commanding the Military Hospital) and the Garrison/ Executive Engineer are the ex-officio members of the Board.

The nominated members consist of three military officers and a Magistrate of First Class nominated by the District Magistrate.

Presently the Secunderabad Cantonment Area is divided into eight wards. According to the Cantonment Act 2006 the elected members' term in office shall be five years. Among these eight elected members one member is elected amongst them as the Vice-President of the Board.

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