Secunderabad: Massive fire breaks out at Swapnalok Complex; 6 dead, 10 rescued

Those trapped in the fire struggled to breathe, and an iron grill was obstructing their escape

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 March 2023 3:48 AM GMT
Secunderabad: Massive fire breaks out at Swapnalok Complex; 6 dead, 10 rescued

Fire at Swapnalok Complex in Secunderabad 

Hyderabad: Six people were killed and another critically injured after a massive fire broke out at Swapnalok Complex, a popular business center in Secunderabad, on Thursday evening, Ten people were safely rescued. The fire started at 6.45 pm.

The cause of the fire is believed to be an electrical short circuit. The fire started on the fifth floor and quickly spread to other floors of the building. Fourteen people were trapped in the complex at the time of the incident.

The building was filled with thick smoke which hindered the evacuation operation. With only one narrow staircase for the entire complex, escape was difficult for all occupants. Some of those trapped shouted for help. Some used their cell phone lights to signal their perilous situation.

The complex also has a few homes in the building, and a police constable is one of the resident.

Fire department officials and the rescue team launched the rescue operation. The fire brigade and DRF officials were able to rescue 10 individuals using a Bronto skylift vehicle. Three people were safely brought down from the fifth floor. Six people were still trapped in the store room of their office.

Among those trapped were Tukaramgate police constable Ravi and his parents. Ten other people were trapped in an e-commerce office on the fifth floor. A man informed the authorities that those trapped in the office were struggling to breathe due to the lack of oxygen, and an iron grill was obstructing their escape.

A professional grill cutter bravely ascended to the fifth floor using the Bronto Skylift vehicle to cut the grill and rescue them.

Bharatamma, Ravi, Dayakar, and another woman Prashanthan were evacuated to safety. The unconscious individuals were immediately shifted to the hospital.

Despite the medical staff performing CPR, all five individuals were pronounced dead on arrival at Gandhi Hospital. Prashanth, who was receiving treatment at another hospital, also passed away due to smoke inhalation. It's pertinent to note that none of the six individuals had suffered from any burn injuries.

The deceased were identified as Pramila, Vennela, Shravani, Prashanth, Triveni, and Shiva, all in their mid-twenties.

Ministers Talasani and Mahmood Ali, along with Mayor Vijayalakshmi and DCP Chandana Deepti, oversaw the relief operations at the site.

Ten fire engines and a Bront Skylift vehicle were dispatched to the scene, and DRF Chief Prakash Reddy and his team were also present to help with the rescue operation.

About the complex:

Swapna Lok Complex is an 8-floor building with an area of four lakh square feet. It comprises of 200 shops, 16 offices, and few godowns.

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