Sharmila borrowed Rs 82 Cr from Jagan; owns assets worth Rs 182.82 Cr

Sharmila also took a loan of Rs 19,56,682 from her sister-in-law YS Bharati Reddy.

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  20 April 2024 10:06 AM GMT
Sharmila borrowed Rs 82 Cr from Jagan; owns assets worth Rs 182.82 Cr

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Congress president YS Sharmila contesting for the Kadapa Lok Sabha polls took a loan of Rs 82.58 Cr from her brother YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. According to her affidavit Sharmila and her spouse own assets worth 182.82 crores.

The data on their assets and liabilities were taken from the election affidavits submitted by the candidates for the upcoming polls.

1. YS Sharmila

Sharmila and her spouse Anil Kumar own assets worth Rs 182.82 crores. Sharmila, sister of CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy joined the Congress and is contesting against her cousin YS Avinash Reddy (Kadapa YSRCP MP candidate).

According to her affidavit, Sharmila took a loan of Rs 82,58,15,000 from Jagan and a loan of Rs 19,56,682 from Jagan’s spouse YS Bharati Reddy, under Loan from Family Member.

Interestingly, Anil Kumar borrowed Rs 29,99,97,037 from Sharmila and Rs 40,00,000 from YS Vijayamma.


Sharmila: Rs 97,14,213.

Spouse: Rs 3,00,261.

Movable Assets:

Sharmila: Rs 123,26,65,163.

Spouse: Rs 45,19,72,529.

Immovable Assets:

Sharmila: Rs 9,29,58,180.

Spouse: Rs 4,05,92,365.

Total Liabilities:

Sharmila: Rs 82,77,71,682.

Spouse: Rs 35,81,19,299.

Sharmila has gold jewellery worth Rs 3,69,36,000 and gemstone jewellery worth Rs 4,61,90,688. Her husband has gold jewellery worth Rs 81,60,000 and gemstones worth Rs 42,60,461.

She completed her Bachelor of Commerce at St Anna College for Women and MBA from Osmania University.

She has eight criminal cases pending including an MCC violation.

2. Lokam Madhavi

Jana Sena Party Nellimarla MLA candidate Lokam Madhavi owns assets worth Rs 898.78 crores and stands among the richest candidates in Andhra Pradesh, while

Madhavi’s income: Rs 5,35,120.

Movable Assets:

Madhavi: Rs 50,91,09,591.

Spouse: Rs 805,66,41,641.

Immovable Assets:

Madhavi: Rs 31,41,98,110.

Spouse: Rs 10,73,79,920.

Total Liabilities:

Madhavi: Rs 2,69,87,676.

Spouse: Rs 2,69,87,676.

Businesses: Miracle Educations, Miracle Software Systems, IT Lokam services, Miracle Metals, Miracle Staple & Grains.

The candidate has residential buildings in Visakhapatnam and USA.

She has gold worth Rs 1,24,99,800 (1,992 grams), silver worth Rs 88,500 (1,150 grams) and diamonds worth Rs 34,40,135.

Lokam Madhavi owns agricultural 39.645 acres of land worth Rs 18,22,87,710.

She completed her Master of Science in Computer Science from Kent State University, USA.

There are no criminal cases pending against the candidate.

3. Nagari YSRCP MLA candidate RK Roja has family assets worth 12.8 crores. Surprisingly, Roja has a chit worth 39.21 lakhs with Margadarsi Chit Funds Private Limited (MCFPL), owned by Ramoji Rao who was considered as an adversary by CM Jagan. Seven FIRs were registered against media baron and chairman of MCFPL Ramoji Rao.

According to the affidavit, Roja and her spouse own 12 cars.

Total Income:

Roja: Rs 11,76,000.

Spouse: Rs 9,93,710.

Movable Assets:

Roja: Rs 4,58,43,501.

Spouse: Rs 96,90,804.

Immovable Assets:

Roja: Rs 6,05,71,529.

Spouse: Rs 1,01,19,358

Total Liabilities:

Roja: Rs 166,42,495.

Spouse: Rs 17,00,000.

Roja’s assets include residential buildings in Ranga Reddy, Chittoor, and non-agricultural lands in Mahabubnagar, Chittoor, Gachibowli. She owns 986 grams of jewellery worth Rs 67,09,730.

She completed her Intermediate from Padmavathi Women’s College in Tirupati. There are no criminal cases pending against her.

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