IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar lands in dock, oath-taking video goes viral

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  16 March 2021 4:15 AM GMT
IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar lands in dock, oath-taking video goes viral

Peddapalli: Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS) Secretary and senior IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar landed in a controversy after a video showing him taking an oath went viral on the Internet.

BJP workers objected to the programme in the Peddapalli district on Monday alleging that it incited hatred towards the Hindu religion.

Praveen Kumar was launching the Social Welfare Aeroes (Swaeroes) Holy Month (March 15 to April 14) at the Buddhist Shrine near Dhulikatta in Eligadu Mandal of Peddapalli district.

After a family took to the stage to recite the Buddha Vandanam (pledge), BJP activists alleged that the pledge urged people to not believe in Hindu Gods, religion, and tradition.

The video clearly shows the officer along with a group of people strongly affirming their disbelief in the existence of a pantheon of gods in a particular religion. This came to light when he launched 'Swaero Holy Month' at the famous Buddhist shrine at Dhulikatta in Peddapalli district here on Monday.

The people had apparently taken a cue from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's historic oath on his conversion to Buddhism at DeekshaBhoomi in Nagpur in 1956.

Additional DGP rank officer later clarified that the Swaero had nothing to do with the oath. "One local Buddhist family went on to the stage and recited Buddha Vandanam and they went on to recite the oath reportedly taken by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on the day of his conversion to Buddhism," said Praveen Kumar in a statement.

Kumar said they have no relation with that Buddhist family not do he and his Swaero colleagues subscribe to what that family has said after Buddha Vandanam on the stage

"We deeply regret if it has hurt anyone's religious sentiments. Our organizers have clarified this to all the participants on the stage itself immediately. The Swaero network has people of all religious beliefs and they take the best from all religions and don't teach any prejudice against any religion, both at home and in workplaces, and celebrate all festivals. We work for a just and equal society in the country through education, health awareness, scientific thinking, and economic empowerment, not through hatred," he said.

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