Vijayawada Mayor's office 'asks' for 100 tickets from theatre owners on very new release

No clarity given if the payment was being made from the corporations funds or personal

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  10 March 2022 5:11 PM GMT
Vijayawada Mayors office asks for 100 tickets from theatre owners on very new release

Vijayawada: In revelation of sorts, the office of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation has 'asked' for 100 tickets for new movie releases. Tollywood movie Radhe Shyam is releasing on the 10th of March, 2022.

In a private letter which is in public domain, the office of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation asked for tickets when ever a movie releases. The letter said, 'Every month various new cinemas are releasing. The party representatives and Ward Corporators are requesting for arranging cinema tickets for new releases'. The letter requested the theaters to provide 100 tickets for each show to Vijayawada Municipal Corporation without fail. From the next new releases, the procedure to be followed, it said.

When NewsMeter contacted the Office of Mayor, the PA who confirmed the authenticity of the letter said, The office would pay for the tickets. "We asked for tickets in writing to PVP manager, only for morning show for tommorow's movie and we said we would also pay cash", said the PA.

However, the PA did not clarify if the payment was being from the corporations funds or personal.

In a similar incident, a deputy commissioner rank officer of Excise and Prohibition department- Telangana, had once written to the Hyderabad Cricket association asking for 1000 tickets ( including VIP boxes). The officer was placed under suspension when the letter made headlines.

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