Was YSRCP MP Margani Bharat in the car that ran over 65-year-old veterinarian?

When the incident came to light, there were local reports of the MP’s presence at the accident spot

By Bhaskar Basava  Published on  14 May 2023 7:23 AM GMT
Was YSRCP MP Margani Bharat in the car that ran over 65-year-old veterinarian?

Eluru: Margani Bharat, an actor-turned-politician and YSRCP MP, is accused of being present in the car that hit 65-year-old retired veterinary doctor Sringavriksam Narasiah at Eluru.

Following the accident, Narsaiah was severely injured and died on the spot. The accident occurred near Seethampeta in the Denduluru area of Eluru district at 7.30 a.m. on 12 May, coinciding with the MP’s birthday.

When the incident came to light, there were local reports of the MP’s presence at the accident spot and to verify the same, NewsMeter reached out to the Denduluru SI, Veer Raju. He said, “The car involved in the accident was recognised as MP Margani Bharat’s relatives and the driver was arrested. Only the driver was present in the car, and the MP was not present at that time. The Kia car was going from Nallajarla to Vijayawada.”

Surprisingly, the police reports contradict the ground reports. When NewsMeter reached out to the MP’s close aides and local journalists, they said the MP was present in the car when the accident took place. But they weren’t sure if the MP was driving the car. “The MP had been shifted to another car and driven towards Tadepalli to meet CM Jagan to receive his birthday wishes. The Eluru highway is considered a fast route for those who travel from Rajahmundry and hence the same route was used by the MP,” said sources.

Speaking to NewsMeter, Narasiah’s son S. Kiran said, “I work in Gujarat and immediately reached home when I got to know about my father’s demise. Further, when we asked Kiran if he had any information on who hit my father’s bike, he said some local witnesses claimed MP Margani Bharat was present in the car and was shifted to another car after the incident. I arrived late at the accident spot since I had to travel from Gujarat and was busy performing the rites for my father’s funeral.”

As per the FIR registered by the police, “An accident occurred at around 12-05-2023, 7.30 a.m. on NH-10, near Seethampeta crossroad, Muppavaram village, and Denduluru Mandal, and the same was reported at 12-05-2023 at 9.00 a.m. A person on a bike was going from Bhimamam to Sitampet in his Honda Activa No. AP 39 AD 3184, when he reached Sitampet Road, the accused driving a car bearing TO 123 AP INF number T0123AP8814F came speeding and hit the bike. The 65-year-old was crushed and died on the spot due to bleeding injuries. When the police reached the area, it was noted that the accused driver Anil Kumar, aged 25 years and a resident of Rajahmundry, had driven the car in a rash and negligent way. Driver Anil Kumar has been taken into custody for the accident and section 304 (A) has been filed against him.”

According to local reports and close aides of MP Margani Bharat, “Wherever he goes, he uses T0123AP8814F Kia Carnival. It is true that he was going to meet the CM on the occasion of his birthday. He was either driving or sitting next to the driver.” But despite reports of the MP’s presence in the car, there is no mention of his name in the FIR as there are chances he was driving the car, sources said.

To understand section 304 (A) and the punishment to the driver or passenger sitting next to the driver, an advocate from Telangana High Court explained, “Generally in this kind of accident cases the court will take note of two sides and act accordingly. Severe punishments are not considered as there are chances of mistakes from both parties. The one sitting next to the driver (passenger) will not be punished but the driver and the owner are. But in case they have cleared the insurance or compensated the family members financially, the case will be diluted.”

The lawyer further added, “Many people present their driver as an accused even if they were driving the car or were present in the car as they want to save their name.”

Exclusive ground intel suggests MPs presence The photos of the vehicle that are circulating in social media and being shared by local media don’t have the vehicle number. But the police, local reports, and Narasiah’s family have mentioned the vehicle number as T0123AP8814F Kia Carnival in the written complaint.

When we asked SI Veer Raju about the car’s details, he said, “Since it is an FR car, it doesn’t have any number plate.” However, Narasiah’s son said that even if it is an FR vehicle, it will have a registration number that is missing.

According to the SI, the car belongs to the MP’s relative, and the MP was not present on the spot. But the vehicle is registered in the MP’s father’s name, Margani Nageswara Rao. Also, MP Margani Bharat was seen several times using the car on his social media pages.

Though the police have reiterated that there was no other person except the driver on the spot and no gunman was present, a photo sourced from the accident spot shows the MP’s security personnel near the car. The person was identified as the MP’s security personnel through his social media platforms where he had accompanied MP on several occasions.

After the accident, the MP met CM Jagan in Vijayawada before he took off on the Nellore tour, where he had to participate in a public programme at Kavali constituency at 11 a.m. on denotifying dotted lands.

A photo of his meeting with CM Jagam Mohan Reddy was uploaded on his Instagram account.

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