'We don't need your leaders': Kishan Reddy denies BJP trying to lure TRS MLAs

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 Oct 2022 10:21 AM GMT
We dont need your leaders: Kishan Reddy denies BJP trying to lure TRS MLAs

Hyderabad: Union minister G. Kishan Reddy on Thursday rubbished the allegations that BJP members bribed and lured some TRS MLAs to join the saffron party in Telangana. "It is a completely fabricated case. TRS is afraid that they'll lose the Munugode by-elections and are creating all this drama," he said during a press meet.

The police opened an investigation after TRS MLA from Tandur constituency Pilot Rohit Reddy made a formal complaint stating that BJP was bribing TRS MLAs to join their party.

The minister questioned TRS on their ethics, "Haven't you merged the whole Congress party into TRS? You have destroyed all other Opposition parties by taking their leaders into your party.

"We have 4Rs—Raja Singh, Raghunandan Rao, (Etela) Rajendar, and (Komatreddy) Rajagopal Reddy. They are enough for us. We don't need your leaders," he said.

This comes after the Cyberabad police busted an alleged "defection" attempt in which three persons, including a religious man, tried to "lure" four TRS MLAs to leave the party. On Thursday night, the police carried out a surprise "search" at a farmhouse located in Aziz Nagar-Moinabad. The search was based on a tip-off received from TRS MLAs that some persons have been luring four MLAs to leave the TRS party.

Speaking about the incident, Mr. Kishan Reddy alleged, "TRS social media team were ready to post against BJP even before the police reached the farmhouse."

On the alleged money, he asked, "Where did we get that money? And if they found the money, why not show it to the public? Why will we lure those MLAs? Do they have any popularity or people's support?"

He further questioned, "Is it fair if KTR calls BJP leaders and asks them to join their party? Why didn't the police act then?"

He further alleged that a few police officers are behaving unprofessionally. "Is it the police's work to track which leader will join which party?" he asked.

"It is like a thief screaming about a robbery," he said about the TRS party and CM KCR.

The Union minister pointed out, "One of the MLAs is claiming he doesn't know about the reason why he came to the farmhouse. That makes it clear it was all preplanned."

He added, "Either let the CBI or a sitting Supreme Court judge investigate this case."

Speaking about jumping parties, he said, "If any of the leaders want to join our party, they have to resign and then join BJP. We don't need mediators. We have a joining committee. We will reach out through the committee. We don't need to hide."

'One photo doesn't prove anything'

About his name being dragged, he said, "That Nanda Kishore, whose name is being associated with me based on a photo, let me clarify that he has photos with various TRS leaders too. He has one with Joginappaly Santosh, a close aide of KCR. In fact, he is wearing a pink shirt in one of the photos."

He then corrected the name of the person, "Sorry, Nanda Kumar, I don't even know the person's name. He has photos with various TRS leaders, including Dasoju Sravan and Harish Rao."

Nanda Kumar was one of the three persons who reportedly tried to lure the TRS MLAs.

He claimed the people of Telangana won't believe any the cock and bull stories anymore. "I have been an elected leader from Hyderabad for a few years. I am a Union minister now. I have gone to various events, inaugurations, and many such things. Having one photo with that person doesn't prove anything."

The minister later showed photos of the said person with TRS leaders.

'Do you need to fall so low for one by-election?'

Speaking about the Munugode by-election, the minister said, "TSRTC buses have become mobile bars in Munugode. Do you need to fall so low for one by-election? You've brought disgrace to the position of the chief minister and the state of Telangana. For many, abusing the PM means becoming a national leader. Since the last eight years, our party hasn't been accused of corruption scams, while your party is always caught in land scams.

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