West Godavari: Spurious liquor leaves 18 dead in 4 days; families suffer in silence

"Every petty pan shop in Jangareddygudem sells cheap liquor secretly", said a woman who lost her family member

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  14 March 2022 6:10 AM GMT
West Godavari: Spurious liquor leaves 18 dead in 4 days; families suffer in silence

West Godavari: Eighteen people have died after consuming spurious liquor in West Godavari district in the last four days. All the victims had complained of blurred vision, vomiting, incoherent talk, and stomach pain. Most of the victims were men between 35 and 65 age group.

"About 90% percent men in Jangareddygudem are addicted to country-made liquor. Every petty pan shop in Jangareddygudem sells cheap liquor secretly. The liquor addiction is making hundreds of families homeless", said a woman who lost her family member. According to the families, most of the victims were daily wagers and addicted to illicitly Distilled Liquor (IDL) which is being sold freely in Jangareddygudem. Men consuming IDL before heading from work.

"My husband worked in a private store and had no health issues. Last week, he developed headache and weakness. We took him to RMP and administered saline. After a few hours, he started vomiting and died," said a woman.

All the victims had families to feed. Some children have become homeless because their parents have separated. "Many blame the families, especially the women, for not stopping the men from consuming spurious liquor. I have two children studying in a government school. Who will take care of them?", asked a woman who lost her husband.

Inquiry constituted

An inquiry has been ordered by the District Officials, Special Enforcement Bureau, and Police department to know the exact cause of death. Area Government Hospital has collected vomit samples and preserved the viscera. "There are liquor deaths. However, the victims had several health issues as well. They had a history of drinking. Some of the victims have cardiac, diabetes, and other health problems. We are investigating the case," said Prasanna Lakshmi, RDO.

Health camps

District Collector V Prasanna Venkatesh and District Medical & Health Officials have ordered health teams to conduct a house-to-house survey to collect the health data of people in Jangareddygudem. A medical camp and survey are also being conducted in the surrounding areas. In addition, four health educators have been sent to counsel people.

TDP ruckus in assembly

Within minutes of commencement, the Andhra Pradesh Assembly session on Monday was adjourned after TDP leaders raised concern over the series of deaths in connection with illicit liquor at Jangareddigudem in West Godavari district. TDP MLAs demanded resignation by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and ban alcohol in the area. The TDP leaders threw pieces of speech copy at the speaker desk.

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