Why did Allu Arjun campaign for YSRCP’s Silpa Ravi in Nandyal

The entire locality reverberated with the chants of ‘Pushpa Pushpa’ and ‘Allu Arjun’ when the actor greeted his fans

By Sistla Dakshina Murthy  Published on  11 May 2024 10:36 AM GMT
Why did Allu Arjun campaign for YSRCP’s Shilpa Ravi in Nandyal

Kurnool: At a time when heroes from the Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s family are making a beeline to Pithapuram to campaign for Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan’s victory, Allu Arjun took everyone surprise by campaigning for YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) Nandyal MLA candidate Silpa Ravi Chandra Kishore Reddy aka Silpa Ravi.

Allu Arjun and Silpa Ravi are close friends

Allu Arjun, along with his wife Sneha Reddy, arrived at Nandyal on Saturday to extend his support to Silpa Ravi. According to sources, Allu Arjun and Silpa Ravi have been close friends for a long time. Sneha Reddy and Ravi’s wife are also close friends and both families frequently travel overseas together.

Upon knowing about Allu Arjun’s visit to the town, fans and followers of the Pushpa movie star thronged Silpa Ravi’s house in large numbers to have a glimpse of their favourite actor. The entire locality reverberated with the chants of ‘Pushpa Pushpa’ and ‘Allu Arjun’ when the actor greeted his fans and followers from Silpa Ravi’s house balcony.

Speaking to the media, Allu Arjun said, “I am here to support Silpa Ravi irrespective of politics. Ravi has been my close friend for many years. In the 2019 elections, when Silpa Ravi contested as an MLA for the first time, I kept a tweet supporting him. However, I felt posting on social media wouldn’t satisfy me as he is my very close friend. Then I thought of coming and meeting him but couldn’t make it due to various reasons. This time, I decided to meet him in person along with my wife and extend my support to Silpa Ravi.”

Allu Arjun also said that he and Silpa Ravi used to meet at least once a week before the latter entered politics.

“However, for the last five years, we met once every six months. I came here to support Ravi who is striving hard for people’s welfare. I am wishing him a grand win as an MLA for the second time and Ravi should reach greater heights in the future,” Allu Arjun said after visiting Ravi’s house in Nandyal.

Allu Arjun also wished Pawan Kalyan

On May 9, Allu Arjun took to X (formerly Twitter) and said, “My heartfelt wishes to Pawan Kalyan garu on your election journey. I have always been immensely proud of the path you’ve chosen, dedicating your life to service. As a family member, my love and support will always be with you. My best wishes for achieving all that you aspire for.”

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