Unique protest by Hyderabadi's solves pothole issue in 24 hours

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  19 Nov 2019 11:45 AM GMT
Unique protest by Hyderabadis solves pothole issue in 24 hours


  • Peerzadiguda municipality filled potholes after residents filled them with saplings

Hyderabad: Peerzadiguda residents’ woke up today morning to a surprise. They realised that their demands had been met when they saw that their road repaired. After a group of residents planted saplings in a few potholes at Peerzadiguda in Hyderabad, the municipal authorities took action and filled the potholes as a temporary solution.

Peerzadiguda residents found a solution to their pothole problem that they have been facing for the last four months. Going away from the traditional protest methods, they planted a few fallen branches from trees in these potholes. There were six potholes in the road from Peerzadiguda Kamman to Boddupal. This uniquely engaging protest happened on Sunday morning.

The residents’ efforts gathered attention and the officials, who hadn’t fixed the issue for four months, soon started repair works and the road was fixed today morning. The potholes were filled with tar as a temporary solution to the problem.

After tiring himself complaining to the authorities about the potholes, Prasanth decided that this had to be addressed differently. He had registered his complaints several times with the Peerzadiguda municipality authorities, and no action was taken.

Seeing as how the bureaucratic process wasn’t exactly effective here, the residents came up with the idea to fill the potholes with saplings. Prasanth mentioned that he knew that filling the potholes with plants would gather people’s attention, and later the authorities’ attention as well. He was right, and it helped solve the issue, even though it is temporary.

The road from Peerzadiguda Kamman to Boddupal has around three schools that collectively have nearly 3,000 students. The citizens wanted to get the streets repaired before anything happened to any of the students.

The residents are happy that their problem is rectified. Seeing how the municipality’s decision was temporary, the residents have asked the Municipal Commissioner of Peerzadiguda to rectify the issue permanently.

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