Hyderabad: A short video showing hundreds of people running down a hill is being circulated on various platforms of the social media with a claim that 'hundreds of Indians running to block China's illegal construction on the border with India'

Here are some of the claims.

'No. This is not a new Brad Pitt zombie movie. These are hundreds of Indians running to block #China's illegal constructions in the border with #India. Latest Beijing move might just explode in #XiJinping's face.'

'Flash flood? No, it was the angry Indian people who rushed to the border between #India and #CCP! Prevent the CCP from unauthorized construction. Brave Indians! ! #MilkTeaAlliance #CCP_is_terrorist'

A Korean website named insight.co.kr also published an article stating that according to the tweets, these are Indian troops heading to the Galwan Valley, a conflict area between China and India. It is an explanation that the Indian troops are trying to stop Chinese military from trying to build a structure across the line of control without the permission of the Indian government.

This video is shared virally on other platforms too.


It was also shared on YouTube channel named 'Xiaofeng Media Goes Global' with title, 'No kidding, after watching it for a long time, thought it was a flash flood? In the end, I realized that this was the angry Indian people rushing to the border between India and China! Prevent the CCP from unauthorized.'

Fact Check:

The above claim that these are Indians going to fight Chinese is FALSE.

We could not find any reports on the mainstream media reporting any such incident occurring recently.

According to AFP Fact Check, which also debunked this video, it belongs to the Jade mining in Myanmar. So, when we performed reverse image search using the keyframes of the video along with the keywords 'Jade mining in Myanmar', we found several results linking the viral video to the jade mining in Myanmar.

Footage by BBC published in September 2019, states that hundreds of thousands of "scavengers" flock to the jade mines of Myanmar, risking their lives in the hope of finding a gem amongst the rubble

We also found another video which shows similar visuals of people running to get jades in the mining lands.

In an article published in Global Witness about Jade, we can see a video with similar visuals.

This video has also been debunked by altnews.in

Hence, the viral video does NOT belong to Indian people rushing to fight Chinese but is from Myanmar during the jade mining. The above claim is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Video of Indians rushing down a hill claiming as an attempt to stop Chinese at India-China border
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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