'Back to Office' picking up again? Here's how it's going to define the future of work

The comeback call and a spike in transportation and food expenses have highlighted the sudden financial burden on the employees' pockets.

By Dodla Megha  Published on  19 July 2022 5:30 AM GMT
Back to Office picking up again? Heres how its going to define the future of work
After two years of remote work, getting back to the office is one of the crucial shifts that employees are now trying to adapt to even as companies work towards enabling this transition smoothly. Organizations have been receiving mixed feedback from employees as they slowly get their employees used to the "work from office" culture again! While some are still adamant to get back, others are okay if required precautions are taken and the rest seem very keen to get back to their workplaces. Besides arranging for organizational resources, companies also have the additional responsibility to now work towards the safety of their employees apart from making their work-from-office policies flexible.
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