Dr BR Ambedkar: 10 points to know about the 125-feet tall Statue

By Dodla Megha  Published on  14 April 2023 12:13 PM GMT
Dr BR Ambedkar: 10 points to know about the 125-feet tall Statue
The city is is all ready for the unveiling of 125-feet tall Dr B R Ambedkar statue at NTR Gardens on 14 April.

1. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao will unveil the statue marking 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar.

2. A GO was issued for the erection of 125 feet tall statue on April 11, 2016, under the chairmanship of Kadiyam Srihari, the then deputy chief minister and minster for education.

3. M/s Design Associates, consultants for the project prepared two alternatives (Circular and Square pedestal).

4. Ambedkar Statue was designed on Circular Base Building Structure similar to Indian Parliament.

5. Spread across 11.4 acres, it is built at an estimated cost of Rs.146.50 Crores.

6. Renowned sculptors Ram Vanji Sutar and his son Anil Ram Sutar have designed the statue.

7. The circular edifice, which resembles the parliament, will house a museum, and gallery exhibiting important life events of Dr.B R Ambedkar.

8. The statue's left hand will hold the original Constitution of India in bronze.

9. The statue's outer layer is made of beige sandstone sourced from Rajasthan, while the cladding is made of bronze.

10.The landscape and greenery spread at 2.93 acres, and has parking facility for 450 cars.

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