Hyderabad Liberation Day: Here's everything about erstwhile Hyderabad before Independence

Hyderabad had an area of 82,000 square miles and a population of more than 16 million people. There were 2 million Muslims, 13 million Hindus, and 1 million Christians. There were 4 million Marathas and 2 million Karnataka residents

By Dodla Megha  Published on  17 Sep 2022 8:45 AM GMT
Hyderabad Liberation Day: Heres everything about erstwhile Hyderabad before Independence
Prior to Indian independence, Hyderabad state was a princely state within British India's territory consisting of three linguistic regions—Telugu-speaking Telangana (including the capital city Hyderabad), Marathi-speaking Marathwada, and a small Kannada-speaking area. It included eight Telangana districts, five Maharashtra districts, and three Karnataka districts. During the reorganisation of Indian states along linguistic lines in 1956, the Telugu-speaking region of Hyderabad state was merged with Andhra Pradesh. The Marathi-speaking region became part of Bombay state (modern-day Maharashtra), and the Kannada-speaking region became part of Karnataka state.
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