Ilayaraja: The king of music set to mesmerize fans in Hyderabad

By Dodla Megha  Published on  19 Feb 2023 1:28 PM GMT
Ilayaraja: The king of music set to mesmerize fans in Hyderabad
Hyderabad: Maestro Ilayaraja is all set to enthrall music lovers in Hyderabad. A concert is being held at Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad on February 26. This is something that the people of Hyderabad have been waiting for for a long. Who is Ilayaraja? Ilayaraja...the name itself is enough to make you think and hum the melodious and soothing songs he composed. Ilayaraja has contributed not just to south cinema but to Hindi movies as well. He composed tunes for films in various languages and earned an infinite number of fans across the country.
Ilayaraja always says that music has the power to evoke emotions and it connects with people in a very special way. Anyone who listens to Ilayaraja's songs cannot agree with this more. There is a unique magic in Ilayaraja's music and one who goes in can not get out of it that easily.
Born in a Dalit family in Tamil Nadu, Ilayaraja was always interested in music. He joined a music troupe at the tender age of 14 and performed in many places in South India. Ilayaraja, who faced many difficulties at the beginning of his career, entered the film industry in the 1970s. Prema Entha Madhuram, Induvadana, Shubhalekha, Priyatama, Botany, Balapam Patti, Nammaku Nammaku, Maate Rani, Abba Nee, and the list of Ilayaraja's blockbuster songs goes on. Ilayaraja gave many chartbuster songs.
Be it anger, pain, happiness, or any other emotion, Ilayaraja's songs are the first things that come to everyone's mind. Ilayaraja has left an indelible mark not only in the film industry but also in the hearts of Telugu and Tamil audiences. Ilayaraja also takes the credit for delivering many memorable hits to the top heroes in the industry. Ilayaraja, who received the 'Padma Bhushan' in 2010 and the Padma Vibhushan in 2018 has also received many national awards. Ilayaraja, who is also known as 'music maestro', also received many awards. Even at the age of 80, Ilayaraja has a bunch of films in his hand.
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