#ORR21kmsCyclingTrack: Come summer 2023, Hyderabad may become biker capital of India

By Dodla Megha  Published on  21 Dec 2022 4:28 PM GMT
#ORR21kmsCyclingTrack: Come summer 2023, Hyderabad may become biker capital of India

Precisely by September 2022, there was news from South Korea about 5.5-mile Bicycle Track with Solar Panels on top. Impromptu, IT and MAUD Minister KT Rama Rao immediately responded saying let us have it for Hyderabad. There was a discussion led by HUMTA MD Vijayalakshmi mam with the participation of the government and we also represented from Community. Out of a few routes, ORR was chosen, because this was agreed upon by all parties, and it was also suitable in all aspects. High-level requirements were identified, and this was graciously approved by the Telangana government.
, in other words, #HealthWay will be a world-class amazing project, which every other city will be envious of. Every other city in the world will refer to Hyderabad for this particular gem project. This project will mark Hyderabad on the world map of Cycling. We all need to be proud of this other jewel of Hyderabad, in addition to many other jewels of our city Hyderabad. 1) Residents of Hyderabad can reach by car or public transportation or bicycle. 2) There will be amenities available for citizens like – Eateries, Washrooms, Water, Bicycle Parking, Bicycle Rentals, Repairs, etc., 3) This stretch will be 24 hours open, fully lighted, and CCTV camera enabled. 4) This stretch can be used for fun, fitness, and family outing. 5) 2 can ride one side and 2 can ride opposite sides at the same time – 4 column way. 6) For the complete stretch, it is roofed by Solar Panel, which will be contributing to the Telangana State Power Grid. 2 in 1 advantage, where cyclists do not have to worry about rain or sun. 7) Hyderabad in general is a safe city and with the CCTV cameras, this will be a safe place.

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