Hyderabad: If you are looking to escape the banal lifestyle and go on an adventure, a quick getaway to the Kondapochamma reservoir in Siddipet district, located about 45 km from Hyderabad, may just be the place to break the monotony. Wingmasters Co, India's first internationally-licensed Paramotoring company, now offers you a chance to chase the thrill on paragliders.

Wingmasters Co. is an aero adventure sports company providing tandem paratrike flights (air safari), paramotor training courses, flying expeditions, and equipment. It follows the APPI PPG (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors - Powered Paragliding) training system.

The founders Abhay and Vedika Rathore's curiosity and passion for adventure aero sports drove them headlong into powered paragliding. Abhay went on to become India's first licensed APPI PPG pilot. Seeing this amazing opportunity to share a safe and internationally-certified platform with people to explore and experience the sport of paramotoring, the duo established Wingmasters Co.

Following international standards Wingmasters Co. offers the finest training facilities for their trainees as well as very exciting joy rides.

"I have always been an avid adventure seeker. What I love the most about Paramotoring is the sense of freedom it gives. Its exciting to witness the constant change in perspective with each flight. One of the biggest challenges for Paramotoring enthusiasts in India is the lack of formal training and infrastructure. Our basic cause to start Wingmasters co. is to offer the right platform to learn Paramotoring in a safe and professional environment. Hyderabad is great city for Paramotoring given its beautiful landscape and conducive weather conditions," said Vedika Singh, Founder Wingmasters co told NewsMeter.

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