Petfolk: Meet the man behind 'Mobile Grooming Vans' for pets in Hyderabad

By Dodla Megha  Published on  16 March 2023 12:02 PM GMT
Petfolk: Meet the man behind Mobile Grooming Vans for pets in Hyderabad

Petfolk is a digital network that allows pet parents to conveniently access services like grooming, health treatment, and social media; optimizing all care inspiration for the well-being of pets.

It was founded on April 11, 2022, and has already established itself as the most popular and trending pet-centric organization in Hyderabad.

“Our goal is to provide pet parents ease, dependability, and trust in every interaction with us. We intend to become the world's most pet-centric organization, creating a platform that every pet parent can rely on to find anything and everything they may require” said, Laxmikath Puducherri, Founder and CEO of Petfolk.

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