‘Sonu Sood Plate’: Hyderabad restaurant launches India’s biggest Mandi plate

By Dodla Megha  Published on  20 Feb 2023 12:28 PM GMT
‘Sonu Sood Plate’: Hyderabad restaurant launches India’s biggest Mandi plate

There is a craze for Mandi biryani in Hyderabad, the city known for its famous biryani. Hyderabad now has the biggest Mandi plate in the country. Renowned actor Sonu Sood launched a mega Mandi plate that can accommodate as many as 15–20 people at once.

Photos of Sonu Soodh posing with the huge plate of Mandi are going viral, and the plate looks mouth-watering. Kondapur’s Gismat Jail Mandi, who launched the Mandi plate, said they have named it after the actor because he has a big heart and they could not find a better name for the plate.

The ‘Sonu Sood Plate’ will soon be introduced at Gismat Jail Mandi’s other branches. After the launch, families visited the restaurant just to eat the Sonu Sood plate.

The actor posted the photos on Twitter and wrote, ““India’s Biggest Plate” is now named after me. Being a vegetarian guy who eats little food can’t have a plate on his name that caters to 20 people at a time.” The actor said Hyderabad stands out as a carafe of different food flavours.

The actor’s fans and food bloggers from Hyderabad were present at the launch.

What is Mandi?

Mandi is a slow-cooked traditional Arabian dish, particularly popular in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Made with rice, meat (usually lamb, chicken), and a mixture of specific spices, it largely falls under the biryani family.

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