Tiryani Cluster: Come, fall in love with Telangana's 'Niagara Falls'

Falls'In recent years, especially after the formation of Telangana State, a lot of amateur nature exploration has taken place which has brought to light hitherto unknown waterfalls located deep within the forests.

By Dodla Megha  Published on  16 July 2022 3:01 PM GMT
Tiryani Cluster: Come, fall in love with Telanganas Niagara Falls
Visitors from Hyderabad need to reach Mancherial on the Hyderabad-Mancherial highway and proceed to different places to see the waterfalls in this cluster. The cluster consists of Gundala, Chintala Madara, and Babejhari waterfalls. One of the most spectacular waterfalls is the Gundala in Tiryani Mandal of KB Asifabad district, its beauty only matched by its remoteness and difficulty in accessing it. This is considered to be the tallest of all such water bodies in Adilabad given the estimated 75 mtr drop. To reach the Babejhari waterfall either, visitors need to travel from Asifabad to Kerameri. This difficult-to-access fall is located in a valley across the local stream near Babejhari village which is midway on the famous Hatti-Jodeghat road. Like the Gayatri waterfall, this picturesque location has also been used for waterfall rappelling competitions, a part of adventure sports. The drop may not be as high as Gayatri falls but the sheer difficulty in getting a proper view is relished by adventure enthusiasts.
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