TS on High Alert for Seasonal Diseases

Water borne seasonal diseases are set to increase in the state due to the heavy rains in the state.

By Dodla Megha  Published on  12 July 2022 3:30 PM GMT
TS on High Alert for Seasonal Diseases

The highest number of Dengue cases in the state was recorded in June (565). In July, so far, 222 cases have been reported. Hyderabad reported 144 Dengue cases this month alone. Adilabad, Karimnagar, and Sangareddy are amongst some districts that have reported a single or a double number of cases. Dr Srinivas advised people to ensure there's no rainwater in the house as Dengue can be affected by the same. He also further requested people to avoid eating outside food- especially pani puri. He also requested the pani puri vendors to boil the water before using it. He said that various typhoid cases have come up due to the consumption of unhygienic food. He also requested people to ensure necessary precautions against seasonal diseases. He advised people to go for regular check-ups. He also requested the public to eat warm food etc.

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