Viral video of deer killing is not from West Bengal, India

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  30 Oct 2019 6:10 AM GMT
Viral video of deer killing is not from West Bengal, India

Hyderabad: An alarming video of deer hunting was recently circulated on Twitter and Facebook. There have been claims that an Indian Forest officer is shooting a deer. Some shared the video, tagging forest officers and employees, asking them to identify the people in the video and to provide an explanation.

Alert: Graphic Video. Please watch with Caution.

In this 2-minute graphic clip, the audio has been compromised. A man is seen aiming at the deers in a fenced premise. He shoots one of the deers with a rifle and then after the animal falls off its knees, slits its throat and kills it. He is also seen posing for the camera after the hunt.

The video was also shared on facebook by Arkita Sengupta on October 26, 2019, claiming that the person shooting the deers is a forest officer in India.

Alert: Graphic Video. Please watch with Caution.

The video that was shared on Twitter tagged an IFS officer Praveen Kaswan, where he replied that the video is of a person named Moin Uddin, Hillsdale Farm in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Fact check:

Newsmeter team further investigated the video using the name Moin Uddin, Bangladesh. Reverse image search with keywords was also done. We found that the clip is from 2015 and was posted by Moin Uddin in his facebook account on July 4, 2015. Moin Uddin was born in Bangladesh but settled in Australia. He owns a farm in Chittagong, Bangladesh, where the shooting was done.

An English daily newspaper based in Bangladesh, The Daily Star reported the event and published an article on July 12, 2015, titled "Who is the Beast."

The Newspaper also uploaded a more extended version of the video in its youtube channel on July 11, 2015, where the people can be heard talking clearly. They have a local Bangladeshi dialect. The description of the video says that the video was taken from Moin Uddin's facebook page.

Alert: Graphic Video. Please watch with Caution.

After the article was published in the Daily Star about his brutal killing of a deer. Moin Uddin officially released an explanation on his Facebook page. He claimed that he has been raising a farm from 2006 and owns 102 cows, 800 mango trees, 50,000 timber trees and 18 deers.

Here is his post:

Claim: Deer hunting by Indian forest officers in 2019

Claims by: Twitter, Facebook posts

Fact Check: No. This is a video from 2015. The video is from Bangladesh where an Australian citizen born in Bangladesh named Moin Uddin was seen hunting deer in his own farm.

This claim is FALSE.

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