Vizag YCP leader made vain bid to kill JS, BJP actvisits: Pawan Kalyan

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 Aug 2020 8:29 AM GMT
Vizag YCP leader made vain bid to kill JS, BJP actvisits: Pawan Kalyan

Vijaywada: Jana Sena president Pawan Kayan on Friday questioned the YCP government how could it allow its own party leader go scot-free even after making a murder bid on Jana Sena and BJP activists. Instead of arresting the accused, those who stood near the victims when the incident occurred were arrested, Pawan Kalyan pointed out.

The victims are undergoing treatment at King George Hospital with grievous injuries, he said.

Kalyan’s allegation came after Jana Sena activist Moogi Prasad and BJP activist Moogi Srinivas of Nidigattu panchayat in Bhimili constituency of Visakhapatnam district were charged with attempt to murder YCP leader Voolla Chinna.

"Jana Sena’s policy is to stand in support of victims by raising voice. It is undemocratic on the part of the government to resort to attacks on Jana Sena cadre, who are standing in support of the victims," said Pawan Kalyan.

He alleged that YCP leader Voolla Chinna made a murder attempt on Moogi Prasad, a Jana Sena worker from Nerellavalasa in Nidigattu panchayat of Bheemili constituency, Visakhapatnam district, and also on BJP functionary Moogi Srinivas.

"The way the Bheemili police registered cases on those who stood by the victims is unjust. The police should have arrested the ruling party leader who made a murder attempt. The inaction of the police on the YCP leader is leading to many suspicions," said Pawan Kalyan.

Moogi Prasad and Moogi Srinivas have been attacked with a knife for questioning the ruling YCP leader for sexual harassment meted out to a housewife, who was working as a volunteer in the area.

"Nirbhaya case has to be registered against the YCP leader who resorted to sexual harassment. What happened to the Disha Act and police stations which were set up by the YCP government to protect the women? The residents of Bheemili have understood under whose influence the police are refraining from arresting the person who made a murder attempt on the main thoroughfare," the JS chief said.

He also said that the police were accountable to the people and hence, should discharge their duties properly.

"If they say they want to work only for the ruling party, we will have to go to the courts seeking protection of laws. The goons of the ruling party have tried to kill BJP leader in Vizianagaram a few weeks ago. Now, they tried to kill Jana Sena and BJP activists in Bheemili constituency. The DGP must respond immediately and take the accused into custody by registering cases," demanded Pawan Kalyan.

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