Vizianagaram cops turn good Samaritans, fill potholes

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 Oct 2019 10:32 AM GMT
Vizianagaram cops turn good Samaritans, fill potholes

Vizianagaram: Vizianagaram police went the extra mile to ease vehicular movement in Vizianagaram Town and other places.

The recent heavy rains in Vizianagaram damaged the state highways and national highways at various places. Following complaints from motorists and a rise in road accidents, the police decided to fill the potholes by roping in a few others.

Vizianagaram superintendent of police B. Raja Kumari said that the rain-damaged roads coupled with faulty road designs and steep curves have led to several accidents.

Mr Raja Kumari said, “Our top priority is to ensure smooth flow of traffic. So, we consider everything, from filling potholes to pushing aside a vehicle that has broken down.”

With potholes continuing to get bigger at some places and the officials of the civic body throwing up their hands saying that they do not have enough funds, the police took the initiative to fill the major potholes in the city.

Motorists in Vizianagaram region took photographs of the police and few others filling potholes and posted them online.

A police officer said, “We are using fly ash, gravel, cement, concrete, and few other materials to fill the potholes. Concrete is the best material to fill the craters. We are also planning to rope in some private people for this novel cause.”

Since Vizianagram is a major junction and located between Odisha and Visakhapatnam, we have to ensure that the movement of vehicles is not disturbed, the officers said.

In the past few days, the police have filled more than 100 potholes and have been on the job to identify more craters to fill in the coming days.

Raja Kumar said, “We are appealing to motorists to follow traffic norms such as wearing helmet, seat-belt and avoid drunk driving to make roads safer.”

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