Warangal mass murder: Monster Sanjay Kumar killed ten, all migrants

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 May 2020 8:30 AM GMT
Warangal mass murder: Monster Sanjay Kumar killed ten, all migrants

Warangal: The sensational mass murder mystery at Geesukonda in Warangal, Telangana, is taking new twists every day, as the investigation is progressing. The prime accused in the case, Sanjay Kumar, who had allegedly drugged and killed nine persons, including a three-year-old child, has also admitted to have killed another woman, Choti, who is the relative of Mohd Maqsood.

On 22 May, the bodies of nine migrant workers, including six of a family, had been recovered from a well in Warangal district. Initially, the police had suspected the deaths were suicides, but postmortem reports revealed otherwise. Their investigations led them to another migrant worker Sanjay Kumar. Investigation revealed that accused Sanjay Kumar had drugged the nine people using sleeping pills and then dumped them in the well when they were unconscious.

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It all began with the death of Choti, a distant relative of Maqsood. Accused Sanjay lured her in the name of friendship and the duo entered into a relationship. A few months ago, the duo went on a trip and only Sanjay returned to Geesukonda.

Maqssod questioned about Choti's whereabouts and also accused him of harming Choti. This led to Sanjay having a grudge against Maqsood.

Meanwhile, he also befriended Maqsood’s daughter, Bursa, a divorcee living with her parents and started moving closely with her. He also bought her gifts and even gave her money for personal expenses. But when Bursa began moving closely with another man, he became angry and warned her. As his harassment increased, Bursa informed about it to her father and he warned Sanjay Kumar. Busra also informed her neighbours, the other three migrant workers, who also warned Sanjay of dire consequences.

He behaved as if he has changed and became close to the family again, only to trap them in his wicked plan.Since then, he had been waiting for the right time to take revenge on Maqsood‘s family and also on the Bihari youngsters, for coming in his way.

On Wednesday, he held a birthday party and invited everyone. He made phone calls to Bursa, her family members and even the Bihari youth and invited them for the celebration. During the celebration, he drugged all of them and as they became unconscious, he dragged them one by one and dumped them in the well. Based on technical evidence, police nabbed Sanjay.

During interrogation, he also admitted to have killed Choti, taking the total number of murders to ten

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