Warangal woman lecturer applies for gun licence

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 Dec 2019 9:39 AM GMT
Warangal woman lecturer applies for gun licence

Hyderabad: After the gruesome gang-rape and murder of the Vet and three more similar incidents across the nation, a woman lecturer has applied for a gun license. The woman lecturer, a resident of Hunter Road in Warangal and works in Khammam, submitted her application to Warangal Police Commissionarate.

“I work as a lecturer in Khammam and reside in Warangal and I shuttle every day. By the time I reach Warangal, it’ll be late evening or night. For my self-protection, I need a gun, for which I am applying for a licence. Only when women get a licence for weapons, can they feel secure while travelling alone,” she said.

Warangal Commissioner of Police Ravinder confirmed that a woman has applied for a gun licence.

Meanwhile, several woman organizations and activists are also raising voice in support of arms for women.

“Women should be trained in martial arts. If given a gun licence, women feel secured and can also protect other women,” said a woman activist.

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