Watch Dabeerpura dairy farm worker adulterating milk, owner arrested

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 Aug 2020 7:39 AM GMT
Watch Dabeerpura dairy farm worker adulterating milk, owner arrested

Hyderabad: The Dabeerpura Police have arrested the owner of a dairy farm in the area on August 19th after instances of milk adulteration came to light.

In a video that had circulated wildly yesterday, a man could be seen drinking milk from a bucket and putting back the leftover. He also continues to add water from an infected tank to the milk to dilute it.

The video was taken at the Jahangir milk farm, Golkhabar, by an active resident of the area. Upon receiving complaints, the police booked a case against the owner of the farm under sections 269, 272, 273 of the Indian Penal Code.

Speaking to Newsmeter, investigating officer Sravan P, said " We have arrested Sohail, owner of the dairy farm, but the one filmed in the video is still absconding. The owner says that he did not know about the contamination of milk. However, we have booked a case against him and will continue to look for the accused as well."

The complaint was registered by Azmath Jeffery of public grievance association. Post the complaint, the farm was sealed.

The officer further added that if any instance of the same nature comes to light in other areas, citizens can approach their nearest police station and register a complaint.

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