When a mirror reflected a story for this 11-year-old author

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 Nov 2019 7:24 AM GMT
When a mirror reflected a story for this 11-year-old author

Visakhapatnam: A boy gets stuck in a mirror. He then uses his superpowers to solve real-life problems and turns his enemies into friends. Parth Gupta conjured up this image of a 'Mirror Man' when he was part of a dance session in front of a reflective wall.

The 11-year-old student of a private school in Delhi gave wings to his imagination through words and came up with a book The Adventures of Mirror Man, which was launched at Vizag Junion Literary Fest in Vizag city amid loud cheers from children.

Parth said his love for writing about his surroundings, school, city and a few other subjects helped him become an author. Setting stories in clear and convincing backgrounds has been the strength of the Class 5 boy, who started writing when he was 8.

"I never expected that my book would be published in a short period. I am extremely happy for having emerged as an author at a young age," said Parth. The boy said the entire story focuses on routine problems that people face. "To defeat every bad character, I imparted special superpowers to the Mirror Man."

The idea came to Parth accidentally. "I saw a mirror during a dance practice. Later, I wrote some points in the classroom as a part of creative writings. My teacher Meera Agarwal asked me to write a story, and she played a great role in finding a publisher."

Reem Wisdom Pages Publishers brought out The Adventures of Mirror Man. The publishers said they usually take up academic books, but Parth's story was interesting enough for them to accept his work.

Parth’s mother Sonali said, "Children are naturally creative, and we have to encourage and promote their hidden talents for success. My son wrote more than 20 stories, and most of them are about the problems of common people and they reflect real life."

E-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart have come forward to sell Parth's book on their platforms.

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