A school dropout allegedly burnt his grandmother alive at Shankarpally in Rangareddy district on Tuesday.

The teenager was angry after his grandmother Gandla Kamsamma distributed her property among her daughters. The boy claimed that after his father’s death, his family had the right over the property.

Police also found that his mother and elder brother were also involved in the conspiracy to kill Kamsamma.

According to Shankarpally police, Kamsamma was residing alone at Elvarthy village. She had gifted three acres of the land located at Kadulabad village in Sangareddy district to her three daughters.

As a result, her son’s family bore a grudge against her. On Tuesday morning, the teenager purchased five liters of kerosene and visited her grandmother's home.

He poured kerosene on her and set her ablaze. She tried to run for help but her house was bolted from outside. Minutes later she died.

Shankarpally police registered a murder case against the boy, his mother, and elder brother and started investigation. Police found that boy had dropped out of the school.

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