Hyderabad: Unable to bear the torture by her alcoholic husband, a woman entered into an affair with another man. As her husband got to know of their affair, she killed her husband with the help of her paramour during lockdown in Nizamabad district, Telangana. She buried him in the river nearby and then also lodged a complaint to the police stating that her husband has been missing for three days. Though the incident took place three days ago, it came to light on Tuesday when the police exhumed the body.

According to the Nizamabad police, the woman, Gangamani got married to Sairam and the couple, along with their six-year-old daughter, were living at Mandarna village in Bodhan mandal. A few months ago, Gangamani met Subash of the same village at a function and became friends with him. Soon their friendship turned into physical relationship.

Sairam, who got to know about the affair, warned her wife but she did not change and disappointed with her, he became addicted to alcohol and also began torturing her frequently.

With his harassment increasing by the day and he becoming a barrier between her and Subash, she decided to eliminate Sairam. Accordingly, she took the help of Subash and tried to kill him.

Last Friday, Sairam came home drunk heavily. Taking advantage of it, Gangamani, Subash and his family members thrashed him to death. They then shifted his body to Manjeera river, a few kilometres away from their home, and buried the body there.

The next day, Gangamani lodged a complaint with the police stating that her husband was missing for three days. Investigation into the missing case made the police suspect Gangamani. During interrogation, she admitted to have killed him and even showed the police, the place where she buried the body.

Gangamani, Subash and his family members were detained for interrogation.

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