'Women Of Hyderabad' against CAA & NRC

By J.S. Ifthekhar  Published on  6 Jan 2020 2:33 PM GMT
Women Of Hyderabad against CAA & NRC

Hyderabad: The ongoing stir against CAA and NPR/NRC has thrown up an all women collective in Hyderabad. More than 50 women drawn from 20 different organisations met in Hyderabad on Monday and resolved to take forward the agitation till the 'draconian laws' are repealed. The group which goes by the name of 'Women Of Hyderabad Against' CAA & NRC/NPR has members representing Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Sikh communities.

After a marathon meeting, the group termed the NPR/NRC exercise 'anti poor, anti Dalit, anti women and anti minority'. The whole thing is a burden on the nation when it is faced with economic slowdown and falling GDP rate. Government ought to address issues of women's safety, rising prices, farmers suicides and joblessness rather than engaging in a divisive agenda, the meeting said.

"This is not a fight of just Muslims alone but a fight to save the Constitution and country from breaking up", said Asma Zehra, Rafia Nausheen and Mary Alphonsia. Although an exclusive women's group was formed, they were not averse to networking with other NGOs in the fight against CAA, it was clarified.

Speaking to reporters , they said, that small groups of women would go around different areas to caution people about the danger posed by CAA and NPR/NRC. Women would face more problems than men in producing documents to establish their citizenship, they said. As it is there is lot of gender bias in the society and the new law would put married women, particularly, to immense difficulties in providing documents. Moreover, using religion as the criterion for citizenship struck at the very root of secular India, they said.

The women expressed serious concern at the atrocities perpetrated on JNU students and wondered whether humanity had died in India. The images of abuse and terror coming through TV channels and social media tarnished the image of India which is known for its unity in diversity. "It is strange that after coming to power through people's votes, the BJP government is asking them to prove their citizenship. Let them dissolve the Parliament and seek election afresh", demanded Dr. Ayesha Jabeen and Prof. Jameelunnisa.

The women group wanted the Chief Minister, K. Chandrashekar Rao, to pass a bill against CAA and NPR/NRC in the Assembly on the lines of Kerala government. The women had a word of praise for the Telangana police for showing a humane face during the Million March while their counterparts elsewhere were supporting the 'fascist agenda' of the government.

Many women felt the voice of people had risen in the present agitation while that of politicians got subdued. " It is better that politicians stayed away as otherwise they would sabotage the movement", they said.

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