Women pillion riders wear helmets, avoid dupattas: Cyberabad cops

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  11 Jun 2020 1:09 PM GMT
Women pillion riders wear helmets, avoid dupattas: Cyberabad cops

Hyderabad: Following the deaths of four women in separate road mishaps in Cyberabad limits, the police have urged women to be careful with their dupattas while riding pillion on motorbikes and asked them to wear helmets.

In all the four cases, the women pillion riders were not wearing helmets and all of them died due to severe head injuries while the riders survived with minor injuries. Also, cases of women pillion riders dying after their dupattas got stuck on a wheel have been increasing. The Cyberabad police said it can be quite tricky to handle a saree while sitting one-sided on a bike. “Due to the winds, the saree can fly and get caught in the rear wheel which is one of the most common reasons for accidents in India," they said

The Cyberabad DCP, traffic, S.M Vijay Kumar, urged women pillion riders to be careful with their dupattas. He also said they should buy a standard, good quality helmet and wear it while riding/pillion riding. Women pillion riders should tell the rider to go slow, he said. “Sometimes because of the mistakes of other people, a person may die if s/he is not wearing a helmet. Bike riders should not drive fast when they have pillion riders. Women pillion riders should tell the rider to go slow," he added.

Mr. Kumar said that traffic accidents were a major cause of head injuries. "A dupatta is wrapped around the neck like a scarf. It can get tangled in the vehicle causing it to skid and injure the riders. There are many reported cases of such mishaps causing cervical spine injuries. However, this can also result in head injury due to direct impact,” he said.

Install saree guards for safety

A saree guard is fixed on the wheels of a motorbike to avoid any possibility of an accident. It is a steel grill that is fixed on the rear wheel of a two-wheeler. This grill protects the saree from getting caught in the wheel and also acts as a footrest for the pillion rider.

The DCP said women should wear a helmet and also ensure that the rider has a helmet and it is strapped properly. “Both the rider and pillion rider can protect themselves this way. As per Section 129 of the MV Act, it is mandatory for all persons above the age of four to wear a standard protective headgear (helmet) while riding/pillion riding a two-wheeler in public places. CTP is enforcing this rule very strictly until a change is seen on the roads,” he said.

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