YSRC MP Vijaya Sai gives a ‘Sai’raa punch to Naidu

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  3 Oct 2019 12:07 PM GMT
YSRC MP Vijaya Sai gives a ‘Sai’raa punch to Naidu

Amaravathi: YSRC MP Vijaya Sai Reddy has used actor Chiranjeevi’s latest film ‘Sye Raa’ to explain how the ‘power’ problem is misused to trouble the government. Taking to Twitter Mr Vijaya Sai Reddy posted news items from Telugu newspapers Sakshi and Andhrajyothi on the shortage of power in Andhra Pradesh. He wrote about how one paper wrote the ‘truth’ while the other was ‘misinterpretation.’ Vijaya Sai used #Sai Raa punch’ on his post.

Sakshi had published an interview with the Discom CMD Harantha Rao. Mr Harantha Rao in the interview said that the power problem in the state was due to the shortage of coal.

Andhrajyothi wrote about how the state was banned from purchasing power by the Central power exchange. It criticised the government and said that the power cuts occurred due to the latter’s faulty policies.

Mr Vijaya Sai posted both the clippings on Twitter. In his tweet, he said that Sakshi published ‘truth,’ while Andhrajyothi ‘misinterpreted’ the problem and published false news. He termed Andhrajyothi to be former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s ‘mouthpiece’ in another tweet on Thursday. “The mouthpiece kerosene of Chandrababu spits venom in the guise of journalism (sic).”

In a following tweet, the YSR MP criticised Mr Naidu for mocking village volunteers. Earlier, Mr Naidu had alleged that some of the volunteers were knocking doors of women at night.

Lashing back at the TD president’s comment, Mr Vijaya Sai tweeted that, “son and father’ will face the ire of women for their undue remarks on village volunteers (sic).

It is not the first time that the YSRC general secretary has attacked the yellow party. He is one of the few politicians who use Twitter to lambast the opposition. The irony and wit in his attack always annoy TD leaders. He spares no words to censure Telugu Desam and its supporting media.

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