Hyderabad: Popular film actress Shabana Azmi has shared a picture of two hapless migrant children on her Twitter account with a caption 'Heartbreaking'. The older child is seen tightly hugging the younger one in his lap.

After Shabana Azmi's tweet, News18 Bengali edition has published an article in the Bengali language. The article said Shabana Azmi is also upset to see the plight of the migrant workers. She shared pictures of two hapless migrant children on social media. The older brother holds his younger brother tightly in both arms. Who knows where these two children live, who knows where they want to go, where their parents are ... are they at all?

Fact Check:

The claim that it is the picture is of migrant laborer's children in India, is FALSE.

When performing a Reverse image search in Google and Yandex, we found that this image has been shared many times in the last year on Twitter and even on Tiktok.

We also found a website 'nusgram.com' where the same image was shared with the caption: "The rich are busy many times for longing for the House of God ... While Allah Taala and His Messenger miss the rich who love to donate and shelter the orphans and the poor. #abjmalaysia #actmalaysia # abj431 # act431" in the Malay language by an account named abj Malaysia, 8 months ago.

This picture was also used on the website 'lobakmerah.com' in an article on how people use pictures of the less fortunate to become famous. This article was published on July 13, 2019

But this image was shared on a website 'http: //www.buctranhvancau.com/' along with a poem on orphans. This poem is found to be in the Vietnamese language. This poem was published on January 28, 2019.

Hence, this picture does NOT belong to the migrant laborer children in India. The origin of this picture is unknown, though it has been shared across the websites belonging to various Asian countries.

The claim is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Heartbreaking image shared by Bollywood actor Shabana Azmi is of migrant children
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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