Fact Check: Kancha Ilaiah’s image wrongly circulated as 47-year-old JNU student

Hyderabad, Jan 20: An image is going viral claiming that of a 47-year-old JNU student, Moinuddin from Kerala, has been living in the campus since 1989.

The image is also shared on Facebook


The text on the photograph shared said ““Delhi Police stopped this man from entering JNU, saying: “There is a riot going on inside the campus. Parents and guardians cannot visit.” The man replied: “But I’m a JNU student.“

This 47 year old JNU student Moinuddin is studying since 32yrs here. Every year he is paying rs.10 as fees. WHY SHOULDN’T #JNU BE CLOSED??? Claimed one Twitter user.

’47 year old JNU student, since 1989. There are many like him’, claims another user.

Fact Check:

The person in the picture is NOT a student from JNU. He is a prominent Dalit writer from Telangana, Kancha Ilaiah. He refers to himself as Kancha Ilaiah Shepard, he is a political theorist, writer and activist for Dalit rights. He writes in both English and Telugu.

He is a former Director of Centre for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy at Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) in Hyderabad and holds a PhD in Buddhism.

Therefore, the claim that he is a 47-year-old JNU student is FALSE.

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