Fact Check: No, bananas cannot cure COVID-19

Video claiming that bananas prevent COVID-19 has been doing the rounds of social media. According to the video, bananas

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  9 April 2021 6:00 AM GMT
bananas cure COVID-19

Hyderabad: India is facing a grim COVID-19 situation as it battles a second wave of infections. On Wednesday, 1,26,789 new cases and 685 deaths were reported in the country. Amidst this, a video claiming that bananas prevent COVID-19 has been doing the rounds of social media.

According to the video, bananas contain water and fiber, both of which promote regularity and encourage digestive health. It claims that scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia found that bananas improve the immune system as it is a super source of Vitamin B-6 and helps prevent coronavirus. "Having a banana a day keeps the coronavirus away," it adds.


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The claim is FALSE.

NewsMeter performed a Google reverse image search using the keyframes extracted from the video and found that clips from two different videos from ABC News Australia and Wall Street Journal have been used to create this video.

Fact-check articles by APnews.com and Rappler quoted the spokesperson of Queensland University dismissing the claims. In an email to Rappler, the university's communication team said: "The video is fake and we would strongly discourage people from sharing this information. We would suggest you share your concerns with the social media platforms."

While bananas are a good source of nutrients, including Vitamin B6, fiber, and potassium, there is no evidence that bananas can prevent or kill coronavirus. Similar claims were made about garlic last year.


Hence, the claim that researchers of Queensland University have proved that bananas prevent COVID-19 is FALSE.

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