Fact check: Old beef promise returns to haunt Kerala BJP leader

A newspaper has reported that BJP candidate in Kerala N Sreeprakash has promised “quality beef” if he is elected to...

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 March 2021 10:16 AM GMT
beef promise Kerala BJP leader

HYDERABAD: A newspaper has reported that BJP candidate in Kerala N Sreeprakash has promised "quality beef" if he is elected to the assembly. Since then, The Hindustan Times report has gone viral on social media.

Netizens claim that this statement was made recently and is linked to the 2021 Kerala elections.

Congress leader Salman Nizami shared the report with the text: "BJP candidate in Kerala promises clean, good quality beef to voters. Hypocrisy thy name is BJP. Bhakt log bajav tali (sic)" (archive)

Few Facebook users are sharing an India TV bulletin of Sreeprakash with the text: "Kerala BJP MLA promises to supply good beef after winning the election (sic)"

NewsMeter found that the report by Hindustan Times and India TV is from a "promise" made by N Sreeprakash in 2017.



We searched online for the report and found that it is dated April 2017. The BJP candidate promised quality beef for the people if they elect him during the by-election to Kerala's Muslim-dominated Malappuram parliamentary constituency



We found the report by India TV dated April 2017 and is titled: "Kerala BJP candidate promises of good quality beef if voted to power". The video carries the same visuals as that of the viral one.

NDTV quoting Sreeprakash saying: "Within limits of the law I will ensure clean slaughterhouses and ensure beef. Do Muslim brothers eat non-halal meat? They don't eat...I will make sure halal meat is served. I will make sure that abattoirs are good, hygienic and serve halal meat".


The promise of quality beef was made for the by-election to Malappuram parliamentary constituency in 2017. Hence, it is clear that an old video has been revived at the time of the 2021 Kerala Assembly elections.

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