Gadwal girl invents COVID smartwatch that stops people from shaking hands

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  4 May 2020 7:27 AM GMT
Gadwal girl invents COVID smartwatch that stops people from shaking hands

Hyderabad: A Class IX student from the backward Jogulamba Gadwal district has made the state and country proud by inventing a ‘smartwatch’ that will set off an alarm if a person touches his or her face or tries to shake-hand.

Sreeja, a student from Chintalakunta Zilla Parishad High School in Gadwal district has invented the watch’ which goes off the moment you raise your hand upwards or try to shake-hands.

“This watch uses a buzzer, 9 V battery connected with wires. There is an iron ball placed between the two positive and negative terminals, which go into the opposite direction when you raise your hand, thus setting off the alarm,” said Sreeja.

Sreeja Covid Smart Watch (1)

Even more interesting is the fact that this invention was made in three days with a cost of Rs 50. “I had talked in class about COVID-19, even before the lockdown, and that’s where she got the idea form. We began the process on March 18, and the finished product was ready by March 21,” said T Augustien, Sreeja’s Maths teacher who guided her during the process.

Not only this smartwatch, but Sreeja has also developed a crop security alarm invention to warn farmers when pigs and other animals attack their crops. “This secured her a spot in the South India science exhibition held in Chennai in January 2020. Even the district collector of Gadwal had appreciated her efforts,” he said.

Sreeja Covid Smart Watch (2)

Currently, Sreeja is working on biodegradable bags for placing seedlings. “Usually, nurseries use plastic bags for putting seedlings, but as we know, they do not decompose and are harmful to the soil. So, we are trying to develop biodegradable bags made of groundnut husks. This will act as manure for the plant, and unlike plastic bags, will decompose in 40 days,” said Sreeja.

Sreeja Covid Smart Watch (3)

What plans does she have for the future? “I just want to create more solutions for problems faced by people in society. I hope I can become an IAS officer one day,” said this student innovator.

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