'Ready, set, juice': Get extra punch of freshness at Mallepally's Milan

This is true of many other youngsters. A glass of juice, they think, sets their creative juices flowing. As the name suggests, Milan Juice Centre is the place to meet and chat.

By J.S. Ifthekhar  Published on  5 Dec 2021 5:49 AM GMT
Ready, set, juice: Get extra punch of freshness at Mallepallys Milan

Where do youngsters chill out in Hyderabad these days? Malls, pubs, or social places like Tank Bund and Charminar. For a good number, the go-to place is juice centers. The Milan Juice Centre at Mallepally has turned out to be a favorite hangout. All through the day, it sees people streaming in and out. The footfalls go up as dusk sets in.

"It's a great place to unwind after a day of hard work", says Imran, a techie who works in the Hitec City. Before he goes home, he makes it a point to drop here for a cool sip.

This is true of many other youngsters. A glass of juice, they think, sets their creative juices flowing. As the name suggests, Milan Juice Centre is the place to meet and chat. Work over, many head to Mallepally for a quick bite and sip. Shawarma and juice are the combination for most. "Rather than gorging on unhealthy processed foods, drinking juice is the best thing. Besides being healthy, it adds glow to the skin", says Saqib, a fitness enthusiast.

Since it is considered a healthy alternative, countless juice bars have sprung up in the city. There are at least half a dozen juice centers in Mallepally itself. But the one bang opposite the Jama Masjid is where the action is. One reason perhaps is the large number of worshippers who flock to the Tablighi Jamat Centre here. Prayers over the devout fan out - some in search of religious literature in the bookstores around to quench their thirst while many more head to the juice joint across the road.

The Milan juice center concocts numerous delicious cool drinks, sherbets, and salads to meet the rising demand. There are milkshakes, fruit salads, smoothies, and dry fruits to pick up here. Sweet lime juice or Mosambi is the most sought-after drink. Extraction of grape, pineapple, orange, pomegranate, watermelon, carrot are also in demand around the year. Youngsters usually go for milkshakes with a blend of ice cream and flavorings while some plump for fruit salads with ice cream. Mulberry with cream and custard apple with cream is the choice of many. The best part is your favorite beverage is not pocket-pinching at Milan. Most juices here come for a minimum of Rs. 40 to a maximum of Rs. 100.

"We use fresh and quality fruits for making juice and that's the reason people flock here in large numbers", says Nizamuddin, proprietor, Milan Juice Centre.

He operates four outlets with the brand name Milan. The first Milan juice center was set up opposite the Makkah Masjid near Charminar. Then followed the one at Mallepally. Thereafter two more juice centers were added at Mehdipatnam and Madhapur. However, it is the Mallepally joint that sees brisk sales. Recently a family section - Milan Juice World and Shawarma - was also opened here for the convenience of women who want to enjoy the drink in privacy. Right from 9 am till past midnight the place is crowded.

Taste apart, it is the nutritional punch they pack that is attracting people to fruit juices. Of late there is an increased health consciousness, particularly among youth. As such many are making fruit juices a part of their daily diet. For some, liquid refreshment is the best way of rounding off lunch and dinner.

So why not give yourself an extra punch of freshness?

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