Celebrity Face Shapes: 7 Different Types of Face Shapes and Features

Celebrity Face Shapes: Which celebrity has the same face shape as yours? Find out by reading this article.

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celebrity face shapes

Celebs and their lives' is probably the most interesting topic on earth for most of us! There is nothing wrong with trying to look like these famous people, be it in trying the same makeup techniques or hairstyle. But before you do, there is something you must know about – face shape! Yes! Knowing about your facial geometry can help you match with the celeb of similar structural aspects to try out their styling secrets!

To guide you on this subject, we have put together some useful information about celebrities and face shapes. Identify your face shape first based on the features mentioned here and get to know which celebs share the same facial characteristics as you!

7 Different Face Shapes Names with Celebrity Examples:

Let us look into each of these 7 basic face shapes and names of celebrities under each category:

1. Oval:

You have an oval shape if your face appears longer and narrowed down from jawline to the cheek. The forehead is just a little bit wider than the cheek, which creates a balanced, proportionate look. People with oval faces can try out most hairstyles, as the perfectly symmetrical shape of the face goes well with any style. When it comes to makeup, just a little bit of contouring on the chin and forehead with a highlighter on the cheekbone can do the trick.

Female Celebrities with Oval Faces:

> Rihanna
> Julia Roberts
> Cameron Diaz
> Emma Watson
> Cindy Crawford

Male Celebrities with Oval Faces:

> Chris Hemsworth
> Enrique Iglesias
> Zayn Malik
> Varun Dhawan
> Hrithik Roshan

2. Round:

Well, it's quite easy to identify a round shape! Your face will look circular in shape with almost the same width and length. The chin looks softer and slightly curvy instead of angular. The forehead and jawline have rounded edges with almost the same width. Your face tends to look bigger because of high cheekbones, which can be toned down with side bangs and long hairstyles. Contouring your cheeks can create a sculpted look and reduce the roundness.

Female Celebrities with Round Face Shape:

> Aishwarya Rai Bacchan
> Mila Kunis
> Kirsten Dunst
> Emma Stone
> Miranda Kerr

Male Celebrities with Round Face Shape:

> Leonardo Dicaprio
> Shahid Kapoor
> Elijah Wood
> Jack Black

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3. Heart:

If your forehead is the widest part of your face and the chin is pointed out, you have a heart shaped face. Just like the shape of a heart, the forehead and jawline are of the same width. The hairline is usually round and may have a widow's peak. These characteristics create the effect of a smaller face. The best way to highlight the features is to go for chin-length textured hair styles and highlight the cheekbones. Heart shape is sometimes referred to as Inverted Triangle face shape!

Female Celebrities with Heart Face Shape:

> Naomi Campbell
> Alia Bhatt
> Deepika Padukone
> Vanessa Hudgens
> Scarlett Johnson

Male Celebrities with Heart Face Shape:

> Ryan Gosling
> Nick Jonas
> Bradley Cooper
> Justin Timberlake
> Gordon Levitt

4. Square:

Just like a square which has equal sides, square-shaped faces have 'almost' equal length and width. The forehead and jawline are aligned with the same width and the chin has a square or flat shape. Even the hairline appears straight and the forehead has a broad appearance. The cheekbones look prominent, as they are the widest areas of the face. People with square-shaped faces can do for rounded hairstyles and contouring of forehead and cheeks to conceal the width.

Female Celebrities with Square Face Shape:

> Jennifer Aniston
> Sandra Bullock
> Demi Moore
> Katie Holmes
> Kelly Osborne

Male Celebrities with Square Face Shape:

> Nick Lachey
> David Beckham
> Aamir Khan
> Tom Cruise
> Henry Cavill

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5. Diamond:

Diamond face shapes are often confused with heart shapes due to the similarity in facial geometry. However, there are many differences among the two. The prominent difference is the narrow forehead, unlike the wider one in a heart shape. The cheekbones are wide and slightly raised. So, if you had to draw an invisible line connecting the center of your forehead, sides of jaws and the chin, then it would like a diamond shape.

Female Celebrities with Diamond Face Shape:

> Jennifer Lopez
> Tyra Banks
> Liz Hurley
> Scarlett Johnson
> Malaika Arora

Male Celebrities with Square Face Shape:

> Johnny Depp
> Robert Pattinson
> Vicky Kaushal

6. Long Face:

Long face is an extended version of the oval face shape. The face looks noticeably longer with a narrow forehead and a pointy chin. The cheekbones are of the same width as that of a forehead. This face shape usually has rounded edges, but can also be angular like in a long square shape face. People with long faces must usually go with choppy hairstyles to break the length. Contouring also helps in shortening your face.

Female Celebrities with Long Face Shape:

> Sarah Jessica Parker
> Katrina Kaif
> Meryl Streep
> Mila Jovovich
> Liv Tyler

Male Celebrities with Long Face Shape:

> Kiefer Sutherland
> Eminem
> Akshay Kumar

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7. Pear:

If your jawline is wider than the rest of the face, you have a pear shaped face. In this face type, you can notice that the forehead and chin are narrower than the jawline. If you can connect the center points of these areas, then you can achieve a pear-like shape. The best way to balance out this face shape is to blur the jawline and highlight the forehead. Hairstyles like soft bangs and side parted hair suit the best for pear faces.

NOTE: Pear shape is also called triangle shape.

Female Celebrities with Pear Face Shape:

> Isabella Rossellini
> Minnie Driver
> Kelly Osbourne
> Meghan Markle
> Renee Zellweger

Male Celebrities with Pear Face Shape:

> Brad Pitt

Now that you have learned about the basic face shapes, it's easy to identify yours! So, with which famous male or female celebrity does your face shape match?We'd also love to know more about your hair and beauty hacks for your facial features!
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