5 Reasons Why Hot Water Bath Can be Good (and Bad) for You

Hot Water Bath: In this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of taking bath in hot shower and the ideal temperature of bathing water.

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hot water bath benefits

There is no better feeling in the world than dipping your body in a tub of hot water, isn't it? As the warmth of the water seeps into your skin and then the muscles, you experience a different level of comfort and pleasure.However, there are many myths around the pros and cons of hot water baths. How many of them are really true?

In this article, we shall help you understand the benefits of hot water bath along with the side effects. This way, you get to know how the temperature of your water can affect your health and body.

Top Benefits and Side Effects of Hot Water Baths:

So, what's so great about taking bath in hot water? Should your water be hot or warm? Why do some people opine that hot water baths can be harmful to your skin?

We've got all your questions answered in this article. Let us first look into the key benefits of showering with hot water:

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Benefits of Hot Water Bath or Shower:

1. Helps Relieve Muscle Pain:

One of the obvious reasons why we love a hot water bath is for its muscle relaxant properties. The heat from the water can improve the blood circulation in your body, ease tension from the muscles, as well as reduce inflammation in joints and tissues. Adding a spoon of bath salts can enhance the benefits of a bathing with hot water.

2. Can clear Nasal Blockages:

If you are suffering from a bad cold, congestion and a blocked nose, try taking a hot water bath. The steam from the water can clear up the passage and let you breathe freely. Also, the warmth of the water loosens up the mucus and gets it out of the system. This way the infection causing bacteria is also getting eliminated from the body to reduce the chances of respiratory problems.

3. Relaxes Your Senses:

Hot water bath can be particularly beneficial to your mental health. Experts say that this could be due to the feeling experienced when your body is encompassed in a warm substance. Your muscles get instantly relaxed and so does your nervous system. This helps in reducing the feelings of anxiety, stress and depression to take you into a relaxed state of mind.

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4. Helps You Sleep Better:

The best part about a hot water bath is that its relaxing effects linger on your body and mind for quite a while. Indulging in a shower with hot or warm water before going to bed can activate the sleep hormones by sending signals of fatigue to your brain. Also, by easing physical and mental discomfort, hot water baths can induce faster and better sleep .

5. Can Heal Dry and Irritated Skin:

If you have dry and itching skin, a 5 minute soak in a warm water bath can give a lot of relief. Water water can heal your skin by reducing inflammation on the surface layers. Adding a few drops of moisturizing agents like coconut oil, olive oil or even essential oils can improve the health of your skin. However, be sure to keep the temperature warm, as hot and scalding water can worsen your problems.

Disadvantages of Hot Water Bath:

Can Cause Burns and Redness:

If you are used to bathing in very hot water, then its time you stop it! High temperature water can damage the cells and tissues in the epidermis layer of your skin and causes burns, redness. The heat from the water can draw out the moisture in your skin and cause extreme dryness. This can lead to skin problems like itching, flakiness and eczema.

Can Lead to Enlarged Pores:

The vapours from hot water can open up your skin pores and make them appear larger than their actual size. Enlarged pores are more susceptible to accumulation of dead cells, sebum, dirt and other impurities which can increase the risk of breakouts.

May Increase Blood Pressure:

People with pre-existing cardiovascular diseases like Hypertension must strictly avoid taking hot water baths. The high heat from the water can increase the blood flow in the body, which can worsen the already high blood pressure.

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Ideal Temperature of Water For Taking Bath:

The optimal temperature of water for bathing is 112 F, which is around 44 C. Although some people might consider it warm, this is the ideal "hot" water for taking bath. If you don't have a thermometer, you can dip your hand inside the water and check whether it is comfortable, very hot or cold. If you find it warm and comfortable, it's a sign that you can go ahead with your bath.

While this article explains the benefits and side effects of hot water bath, please be aware that the term "hot" in the benefits section refers to a comfortable 112 F temperature and not boiling or scalding hot water. So, next time you prepare water for your bath, you know exactly how it has to done, don't you?

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