What is Surya Mudra (Prithvi Shaamak Mudra)? Steps to Do and Benefits Explained

Surya Mudra, also called Sun gesture offers numerous benefits to our body and mind. Click here to know them in detail.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Jan 2021 6:55 AM GMT
What is Surya Mudra (Prithvi Shaamak Mudra)? Steps to Do and Benefits Explained

Have you ever observed the hands of a Yogi? You notice how the fingers are curled up to form strange shapes which makes you wonder why! These are called Mudras or hand gestures which have powerful healing benefits on the body and mind. One such Mudra that we will discuss today about is the Surya Mudra or the "Sun Gesture".

Surya Mudra is also called the Agni Vardhaka Mudra, as it increases the fire element in the body.Fire represents the prana or life, energy, vitality, power and intellect. The dominant finger of this mudra is the thumb which is associated with the agni chakra in the solarplexus.

Read along to learn how to perform Surya Mudra, along with a list of its benefits and side effects.

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How to Perform Surya Mudra?

Before you perform Surya Mudra, make sure you sit in a comfortable posture like the Lotus pose. Sit on a mat or a blanket, but not directly on the floor:

Steps to Perform Surya Mudra:

Sit in a lotus or the half lotus position for better comfort.

Close your eyes and practice slow breathing throughout the session

Place your hands on the knees or your thighs with the palms facing upwards.

Slowly fold your ring finger with its tip touching the tip of your thumb

The rest of the fingers must stay straight and extended while doing the gesture

Press the fingers gently to activate the Mudra. You can apply mild to moderate pressure.

If you experience any pain or discomfort, don't worry! It will go away in no time.


Perform this Mudra everyday for 45-60 minutes for better benefits.

When to Perform this Mudra?

Surya Mudra is best performed at the time of sunrise, ideally between 4am-6am. However, if you are not a morning person, try to do 1 hour before or after your food time.

You can initially start with 10-15 minutes and slowly increase the time. Experts also opine that Chanting specific vedic mantras while performing this Mudra can increase it's power.

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Benefits of Surya Mudra:

Surya or sun is an element of heat that promotes a healthy body and mind. Here are some of the top benefits of performing Surya Mudra everyday:

1. By increasing the fire element in the body, Surya Mudra enhances your overall metabolic rate and speeds up digestion. This can also lead to an increased appetite.

2. Surya Mudra increases heat in the body and regulates body temperature, particularly in cold months like winter and rainy seasons.

3. The Mudra is also related to vision and is known to sharpen your eye sight.

4. By suppressing the earth element that leads to fat tissues in the body, Surya Mudra can prevent obesity and promote better weight loss. It is also known to reverse weight gain in women after delivery, which is why it is also called the "weight loss mudra".

5. Surya Mudra can reduce the feeling of excessive sleepiness by activating the mind and increasing mental alertness.

6. It can reduce the accumulation of fluids in the body to prevent swelling of feet and hands.

7. Surya Mudra can boost your overall energy levels, fight depressing and anxiety and improve the overall quality of your life.

8. This hand gesture can be particularly beneficial in dealing with thyroid problems. For this, experts suggest pressing the ball of the thumb with the tip of the ring finger.

9. By increasing heat in the body, Surya Mudra can bring down the cholesterol levels in the body.

10. It can also help you overcome kaphadosha, by increasing the Pitta levels.

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Side Effects of Surya Mudra:

Here are some of the possible side effects of Surya Mudra which you must know about:

One should not perform this mudra beyond the specified time as it can cause excessive heat in the body and lead to many serious ailments.

Performing this mudra in summer season might cause dehydration. To avoid this problem, drink lots of water and do not perform it for a long time.

People who are underweight must not perform this mudra as it can lead to more weight loss.

If you are diagnosed with high pitta levels in the body, this mudra may deplete the already low kapha levels.

The mudra must not be performed when you are feeling sick or weak, as it further weaken the body.

So folks, now that you have understood the benefits and side effects of Surya mudra, along with steps to perform it, you can also give it a shot! If you are beginner, we strongly recommend practicing them under the careful guidance of an expert to avoid any problems.

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