10 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas To Declare Your Love!

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  13 Aug 2020 5:49 AM GMT
10 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas To Declare Your Love!

Ever heard of the old adage, "Couples that tattoo together, stay together"? Well, it might sound weird to some, but many couples are actually following this trend to express their love for each other. So if you want to immortalize the bond you share with your special someone, there can be no better way to do it than with a matching tattoo!

Whether you want to commemorate an important milestone like an anniversary or simply celebrate your relationship, you must check out these top 10 matching tattoo ideas for couples and get inked together!

10 Unique Couple Tattoo Ideas with Meanings:

Explore this gallery of trending couple tattoo ideas and choose the one that best represents your relationship:

1. Sun and Moon Couple Tattoos:

Sun And Moon Couple Tattoos

The sun and moon represents two opposite sexes of the cosmic world. The sun symbolizes the male strength and vigour, while the moon symbolizes feminity and calmness. Isn't that the perfect way to depict you and your partner? This cute matching couple tattoo can be etched on the wrist or the arms for better visibility. You can also add a pop of color like red for sun and blue for the moon to make this design look even better.

2. King and Queen Couple Tattoo:

King And Queen Couple Tattoo

You are the queen to his heart and he is the king to yours! Time to reveal your royal love to the whole world with this simple, yet meaningful tattoo for couples. The minimalistic design done on the side of the wrist features a crown, a letter to represent the gender and the related symbol in the playing card suit. To make it even more impactful, you can also employ color coding like keeping one set in solid and the other in just an outline.

3. Lion and Lioness Couple Tattoo:

Lion And Lioness Couple Tattoo

To the king and queen of hearts, this lion and lioness tattoo is a powerful way to express your love for each other. The two halves of the beast heads merge into one when you bring them together. It symbolically represents the unification of your bodies and souls. Just look at the intricate detailing of the eyes, whiskers and the layers of fur that add life to this beautiful sketch.

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4. Lock and Key Couple Tattoos:

Lock And Key Couple Tattoos

If you are sure that your partner is your soulmate, then secure your relationship with this lock and key couple symbol tattoo. Just like a unique key is made for every lock, you and your love are made for each other. This concept can also be interpreted as locking in something very valuable, like your relationship! You can also go for a simpler version of this highly detailed sketch if you are a newbie to the tattoo world.

5. Arrow Couple Tattoo:

Arrow Couple Tattoo

This couple finger tattoo is a cute way to show someone how much you love them! The single long line of the arrow can be seen only if the two fingers are joined together. Separate them and you can only spot an incomplete sketch with no meaning. So, if you believe that your partner adds more meaning and completeness to your life, go ahead and get this one inked!

6. Matching Infinity Couple Tattoo:

Matching Infinity Couple Tattoo

The infinite couple tattoo is a perfect design for those who believe that love knows no boundaries. Just like the symbol of infinity which represents limitlessness, this tattoo also shows that your relationship has no start or end and is forever. You can also choose to write names or pronouns like you and me to add more meaning to this design. The best part- it's gender-neutral and can be inked by anyone without any reservations.

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7. Quote Couple Tattoo:

Quote Couple Tattoo

For those who believe in the power of words, this relationship tattoo design is a pure goal! The quote "Forever in my heart, Always in my mind" is inked beautifully on the arms of the lovers. There is no added drama or embellishment, as every letter creates the right impact in conveying emotions to each other. Keep the font in a slightly bigger size to prevent the words from fading away,

8. Heartbeat Couple Tattoo:

Heartbeat Couple Tattoo

The two hearts merge as one the result is a strong bond that can withstand the test of time. Here is one such visual representation of this idea in which two beating hearts come closer to form the symbol of love. It is also a trend to get the wavy lines matched to the exact ECG of the person for bringing more realism to the design. Unarguably, this is one of the best couple tattoo designs we have seen so far!

9. Couple Anniversary Tattoo:

Couple Anniversary Tattoo

Never forget your wedding anniversary again! This anniversary tattoo for married couples is a creative way to remember the most important date of their relationship. You can choose from a number of date formats or even go for roman numerals depending on your taste. Also, the words Mr. and Mrs. add a touch of romance to this otherwise simple tattoo.

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10. Finger Band Tattoos for Couples:

Finger Band Tattoos For Couples

Real love needs no diamonds! All it takes to say "I Do" to each other is a ring finger tattoo. Many couples are following this trend as it is inexpensive and immortal! You can be as creative as you can with the design or even go for a minimal black band. It is a also a great way to remember key milestones of your relationship like proposal day, engagement etc. What do you think about this design? Can it replace metal rings?

All you love birds out there! It's time to show your passion for each other with these latest matching tattoo designs for couples. These permanent marks on your skin serve as a constant reminder of your relationship and commitment for each other. So when words fail to create an impact, a tattoo is what you need!

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