Hyderabad: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has revealed that the majority of COVID-19 positive cases are present among those in the age group of 18 to 44.

In data published on September 2nd, the ministry said that 54 per cent of the total COVID positive cases were present in the said age group.

It further stated that the majority of deaths were found in those older than 60 years. 51 per cent of the total deceased belong to the said age group.

In the last 24 hours, India registered 78,357 new COVID positive cases and 1045 deaths. The tally of total COVID cases in the country stands at 37,73,483.

Categorically, those below the age of 17 make up 8 per cent of the total cases, and those above the age of 60, make up 12 per cent of the total cases.

The split between age groups, nationally, is as follows:

Below 17 years: 8 per cent
Between 18 to 25 years: 14 per cent
Between 26 to 44: 40 per cent
Between 45 to 60: 26 per cent
Over 60 years: 12 per cent

As for the deceased, the number decreases with age. Those over 60 years of age contribute to 51 per cent of the total deaths. However, those below 25 make up only 2 per cent of the deaths.

Those aged between 44 to 60 make up 36 per cent of the deaths.

In Telangana, COVID-19 majorly affects citizens aged 31 to 40, who make up 24.47 per cent of the total positive cases in the state.

While women aged 21 to 30 contribute the highest (8.07 per cent) to Telangana’s COVID positive cases, men aged 21-40 are affected the most.

New Project 2020 09 02t131650.649Source: Telangana Government

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