Lady doctor stabbed to death in police presence, 2nd incident in Kerala

The accused reportedly stabbed the doctor in the neck with a pair of scissors from the bedside

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  10 May 2023 6:24 AM GMT
The Doctor and the Accused

Hyderabad: A 22-year-old house surgeon was stabbed to death by a patient at Kottarakkara in Kerala.

The victim has been identified as Vandana Das.

The accused reportedly stabbed the doctor in the neck with a pair of scissors from the bedside.

The man got into a disagreement with his family. He was then taken to the emergency room by the police.

The doctor was tending to a cut on the guy's leg when the incident occurred.

According to a police officer, the man assaulted everyone with a scissor and a scalpel.

The young doctor took the brunt of the assault. Police officers who were present on the occasion were also hurt.

This is the second gruesome attack on doctors in Kerala.

In Calicut, Dr. Asokan, a top cardiologist, was recently violently attacked by patient’s attendants in the presence of police. Later doctors went on strike throughout Kerala.

“It is difficult to comprehend how much riskier the healthcare industry may get. For several reasons, hospitals frequently serve as sites of violence. Because of the nature of the illness conditions addressed in these settings, locations including Casualty, ICU, labor and delivery rooms, and operating rooms are more at risk. Alcohol enhances the likelihood of violence, as it appears to have done in the recent episode” said Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan, former IMA president, Cochin.

"Contrary to popular belief, violence occurs quickly, furiously, and without warning in real-world situations. Tragic events can happen in a matter of seconds. Strong regulation is required to deter similar occurrences on a bigger scale, even though simple preventive measures like crowd management and triaging can somewhat assist.” he added.

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