'No hair, no brain': YSRCP whip Mithun Reddy to TDP MP Jayadev Galla

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  8 Feb 2020 9:12 AM GMT
No hair, no brain:  YSRCP whip Mithun Reddy to TDP MP Jayadev Galla

Hyderabad: 'No hair and no brain’ analogy has become a new political hot potato in Andhra Pradesh.

From politicians to Twitterati, people have gone into an overdrive to slam Member of Parliament from Rajampet Mithun Reddy for body shamming TDP member and Entrepreneur Jay Galla over his “no hair and no brain’ comment.

It started with Jay Galla sharing a snippet from Lok Sabha where Mithun Reddy can be seen speaking about how Franklin Templeton is a dummy company and how a land worth Rs 1000 crore was given to them for just Rs 30 crore. He also termed it as a "big scam".

Jay also shared a video on Twitter saying, " #IGNORANT & #IRRESPONSIBLE… Calling #Franklin Templeton a dummy company, which was established in 1947 and has presence in #India for over 2 decades. No wonder the #investments are being withdrawn from the #state. "

In reply to the video, Mithun Reddy used 'no hair and no brain’ analogy apparently to pin Jay down. “I thought you had no hair on your head. Now, I have realized that you have no brain either. Why are you in such a hurry to chase investors out of AP? Who is ignorant and irresponsible? That is you”, he tweeted.

It did not end here. Jay too took to twitter and gave a terse response: “Who is chasing/intimidating investors? As far as your comments on my looks and intelligence, I will leave it to the public to decide which of us would win that race…"

Like always Twitterati couldn't resist and jumped on to the bandwagon slamming Mithun Reddy for "body shaming".

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