Hyderabad: Telangana has fared poorly on NITI Aayog’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) towards Gender Equality among the 37 states and union territories.

According to NITI Aayog, Telangana has scored 26 points out of a hundred in eight national-level indicators that have been identified.


The average score of the country is 41 out of hundred. Himachal Pradesh scored the highest of 52 points followed by Kerala with 51 points.

The target score of all these indicators is 100.

On the Scale of sex ratio, the state scored 53 after having the 897 females per 1000 male population. India has 896 female per 1000 male population. Chhattisgarh scored a hundred points after having the highest of 961 female per 1000 male population.

On the scale of wage/salary earning, the state scored 18. Female to male ratio of average wage/salary earnings received during the preceding calendar month (rural+urban) was 0.59 rupee per 1 rupee. In India, overall the female earns 0.78 rupees per one rupee. In Uttar Pradesh females make 1.25 rupee.

On the scale of crimes, the state scored 34. For every one lakh female population, about 95 women are victims of crimes. Per one lakh female population in India, about 58 women are victims of crime. Nagaland scored 95 after only 7 women are victims of crime.

On the Scale of spousal violence, the state scored 16. 46 per cent of married women aged between 15-49 years faced spousal violence in the state. In India, 59.97 per cent of women face spousal violence. Sikkim scored 94 points with only 3.5 per cent of women facing spousal violence.

On the Scale of a sexual crime against the girl child, the state scored 55 points. Sexual crimes against girl children are 90.32 per cent in the state amongst all crime against child . In India, 59.97 per cent of sexual crimes are against girl children. Jammu and Kashmir scored 93 points as only 14.79 per cent of sexual crime were reported against the girl child

On the Scale of total seats won by women in the legislative assembly, the state scored ten. Only 5.04 per cent of seats were won by women in general and state elections. In India, 8.32 per cent of women won the legislative assembly seats. Haryana and Chhattisgarh scored the highest of 29 points after 14.44 per cent of seats were won by women.


On the Scale of female labor force participation, the state scored 24. 26.10 per cent of the total workforce is women. In India, 17.5 per cent of the total workforce is females. Himachal Pradesh scored the highest of 38 points with the female workforce constituting 39.70 per cent.

On the Scale of operational land holding, the state scores two. According to the Agriculture Census (2015-16), only average 0.94 hectares of land women hold (in their name). In India, average 0.90 hectares of land women hold (in their name).

Sumit Jha

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