TS govt develops hands-free, portable, battery-operated sanitiser dispenser

By Priyali Dhingra  Published on  3 July 2020 5:18 AM GMT
TS govt develops hands-free, portable, battery-operated sanitiser dispenser

Hyderabad: T-Works, the technological arm of the government of Telangana, has developed a hands-free sanitiser dispenser that is currently in the last phase of production.The product will be priced between Rs. 1,500-2,000, the makers said.

The sample pictures uploaded on their Twitter page show a small black box attached to a 250ml sanitiser bottle which has a sensor to dispense 3ml sanitiser as soon as a person places his hand beneath it. "The device is portable, can be attached to any sanitiser bottle, does not require a plug point, and has a battery that, when fully charged, can go on for days," said Anand Rajgopalan, the director of operations at TWorks.

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The device has been built in collaboration with Hyderabad-based company Home Away Essentials, which will be in charge of commercialising it and making it accessible to a wider audience. "Our main objective in building this product was to ensure that they are provided to health care workers fighting at the frontline during such crucial times," said founder Krishna Burri. With this initiative, they intend to ensure hygienic practices for doctors and medical practitioners.

The device has been built on a strictly 'no-touch' policy to ensure efficacy and compliance with global hygiene standards. "Initially, we will commercialise the product and then presumably offer it as a donation. It is just a matter of getting it out there," Mr. Krishna added. When asked if they would be providing initial samples to the Telangana government, he said he was hopeful.

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